Never lose track of your invoices again with FastFind

Have you ever looked for the details of an invoice but cannot see them in your accounting software? Have you ever spent hours searching for the paper copy of the invoice in order to see these details?

FileHold can solve these types of problems using a feature called FastFind. FastFind provides a way to search the FileHold library from third party applications such accounting or ERP systems. It works in conjunction with the FileHold Desktop Application and must be enabled in the software license.

With the use of keyboard short cut keys, users can perform searches instantly to retrieve relevant documents and records instantly. A typical use of FastFind would be to look for the original copy of an invoice and view the document in FileHold starting from an accounting software application.

For example, the paper copies of invoices are scanned and stored within FileHold. The invoices are classified as invoice schema type documents where the invoice number, vendor name, invoice date, and amount are captured in the metadata fields. Once the invoice is added to the library, a workflow process is initiated on the invoice. The invoice is first routed for approval and once approved, is routed to a member of the accounting team in order to enter the invoice details into the accounting system in order to be paid.

Sometime later, a member of the accounting team needs to review the details of that invoice while in the accounting system. The accounting member presses a short cut key thereby “capturing” the invoice number or vendor name and a search is instantly run in the FileHold Desktop Application. From the search results view, the invoice is opened in the PDF/Image viewer to review invoice details.

There are four different types of FastFind searches that can be used to instantly search and retrieve documents:

  • Mouse search —Activates a search based by clicking on form objects such as data fields or field labels on the screen.
  • Clipboard search — Activates a search based on what is currently saved to the computer’s clipboard.
  • Selection search — Activates a search based on the currently highlighted item on the screen.
  • Screen OCR search — Activates a search based on clicking on text or draw a bounding box around text on a screen. When the shortcut key is invoked, the screen is covered with an opaque white mask called the “fold”. This indicates that the screen OCR process is in effect.

Below is a short video on the FastFind feature inside FileHold. In this example, a FastFind search is conducted using an invoice number, vendor name, and amount contained within Sage 50 accounting software.

If you would like to find the scanned paper copies of documents quickly and easily from third party applications or a live demonstration of FastFind, contact [email protected].