Need a simplied version of FileHold? Use Mobile!

We recently had a prospective customer asking for a extremely simplified version of FileHold for their users. While most of our customers use the guest portal for this, this particular prospect wanted something even easier to use. Enter Mobile FileHold!

Mobile FileHold was originally created to be used on smartphones and tablets so that documents can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. The interface for Mobile FileHold has been kept simple and focused in contrast to the full version of FileHold or even the guest portal. The mobile client can perform the three most often requested basic functions: searching for documents, adding documents, and reviewing or approving workflow tasks. The mobile software solution is HTML5 based, so it will run on a wide variety of browsers on mobile devices and or even a desktop computer browser.

The search feature for retrieving documents is simple to use. Users can type in any search term or use a saved search template to find the documents they are looking for. Once they select a document from the list of search results, all metadata and document properties can be viewed. They can also view the document depending on the document format and the capabilities of the device being used. For example, most PDF and image type documents can be viewed in a browser window but other file types may not.

Documents can also be added through the mobile interface. Users can choose a file on the device and enter the required metadata information. The files can be images taken with the camera or they can come from just about anywhere. For example, uploading documents from a desktop computer would allow you to upload any document that you have access to on the local computer or network.

Need to make sure everyone reads that new corporate policy? Documents can be reviewed and/or approved through a workflow process on the mobile platform. When the workflow has been started on the new policy, users will get an email notification that they have a review task. Once they have read the new policy, they mark it as "reviewed" and HR will have a list of all employees that have completed the task in a log.

The look of Mobile FileHold can be customized to some extent. While it's not officially supported nor documented, it can be done with the assistance of FileHold professional services team. This can make the interface look even more familiar for those customers who need simplified versions of the document management software.

Here is the original Mobile FileHold login screen and home page, respectively, being accessed through a browser on a desktop computer:

Mobile FileHold login screen
Mobile FileHold home screen


Here is a customized view of the login screen and home page. Notice that the logos have been replaced with custom ones.

Mobile FileHold custom login screen
Mobile FileHold custom home screen

For more information on how Mobile FileHold can help simplify document access for your workforce, contact [email protected].