Multiple Document Repositories Increase Storage Capacity

FileHold 12  improves the scalability of the document management software to accommodate even greater number of documents being stored.

Introducing Limitless Document Storage for Enterprise Installations

Document management software that limits documents to be only stored in a single location limits the size of the repository. Today such storage may have a limitation of  2-4 TB maximum. A new optional feature in FileHold 12 allows the splitting of the document repository into multiple physical locations. There is now no theoretical limitation to the number of documents that can be stored in the repository.

If the optional multiple document repository option is enabled on the software license, then additional document repositories can be added to the Repository Locations list. There are no limits to the number of repositories that can be made available.  

Unlimited Document Storage  -  Software Features

When adding a repository to the list the following can be configured:

  • The path to the repository location
  • The disk size
  • The amount of free space. This will be automatically calculated by the system.
  • The threshold. This is the amount of free space on the disk before it is considered "full". The default value is 15% of the disk capacity and cannot be set to less than 10% of the remaining free space on the disk.
  • If the disk is read-only.  If the disk is set to read-only, then documents cannot be added to the physical location. This option can be enabled once a disk has reached its threshold. If the disk is not set to read-only then documents can be added to this physical location.

Once a new document repository has been added, new files will be added to the location immediately. Once a repository contains documents, it cannot be deleted.

In order to balance the load of adding/downloading files between multiple locations and ensure that files are distributed in a sensible way between locations with different level of free space, a semi-random algorithm will be used to select the location for a new file. Repositories that have been marked as read only will not have files added to them — files can only be downloaded.

When all locations reach the threshold, it is not possible to add any files to the system and all uploads fail with an error message. The System Administrator should immediately add a new location to the system or to provide more free space on one of the disks.

This feature is optional and is controlled by a licensing option. Contact [email protected] for pricing.