Implementing TOMRMS and FileHold Case Study

If you work in an Ontario, Canada municipality, you have probably heard of TOMRMS. If you are not familiar, TOMRMS stands for “The Ontario Municipal Records Management System”. It is a file classification system created to define the documents of a municipality. It is comprised of all of the rules, procedures, policies and retention schedules needed to manage the documents of a municipality:

  •     Classification / indexing system
  •     Retention schedule according to current legislation
  •     Policies for records management
  •     Procedures for records management

Marc Didemus of Image Advantage is a FileHold partner.  Marc works with these Ontario, Canada municipalities to implement a complete solution of TOMRMS and FileHold document management software in order to manage their paper documents.

You can download the PDF version of the Implementing the TOMRMS and FileHold Solution in Ontario Municipalities case study here.

Thanks to Marc Didemus of Image Advantage for his help in the case study and for being a fantastic FileHold partner!