FileHold is RIMA Foundation's Product Focus

Product Focus is an initiative by RIMA (Records and Information Management Awareness) Foundation where each month they focus on selected RIM products and services, highlighting their features and corresponding benefits to users based on available information.

This month features a focus on FileHold Document Management Software. Their choice of this document management software is associated with the ease of installation, use, affordability and several other features provided by this DMS. 

The RIMA Foundation promotes the awareness for proper management and security of records and information. RIMA is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that seeks to promote access to information, raise public consciousness on the need for proper management and security of records and information, and encourage the overall development of the information management industry in Africa.

Aims and Objectives of RIMA Foundation

RIMA Foundation is set up for the purpose of serving as  information management resource for the benefit of the Information Management (IM) community and the society at large. To leverage on the benefits provided by the emergence of ICT in promoting the awareness for the need for proper records and information management, compliance and access to Information and to accomplish the following set goals:

  • To support members, organisations and government on Information Management projects. 

  • To provide an avenue for the showcasing of potentials of products and services available in the industry.

  • To contribute to the development and advancement of the information management industry. 

  • To provide a common platform for the interaction of information management practitioners all over the world. 

  • To Research and provide solutions to various challenges facing the Information Management industry. 

  • To encourage and reward innovations that increase efficiency and reduce cost managing records, contents and information.