FileHold Differentiating in the Marketplace

I am often asked, “What makes FileHold different from all the other document and records management software products in the marketplace?" My answer is, “The differentiator for FileHold is that it is a truly packaged, off-the-shelf, highly configurable solution. FileHold gets delivered at a low price of licensing, a low cost of implementation, low cost of support and subsequently low total cost of ownership which equals outstanding value.”

It would be easy to put our powerful list of features up against other products and let the differentiator be features. There are very few products who can compete with the area of standard and optional features in FileHold.

Some competitors claim to have packaged software, but it is usually not true; often extensive and exotic implementation processes are needed by technicians, working on site, to deliver the power that FileHold delivers in a few hours of effort. Products like Microsoft SharePoint are complex platforms that require extensive configuration, modification and often the addition of 3rd party components to make it into a document management solution.

We accomplish this differentiation by:

  • Going to market via the web keeps costs low – we have a huge website and very strong SEO content. Many of our prospects go deep into the sales cycle prior to contacting us by taking our video tours and reading about our feature set and technologies.

  • By having a single product with flexible pricing strategies and alternative ways to deploy the software. This keeps administration costs low and the pricing understandable.

  • Via FREE live webinars, both regularly scheduled and special events.

  • By doing all of our sales work over the web (no travel). Our sales team does multiple live demos every day across all time zones all over the world.  Our sales team would is happy to set up a live web demonstration at any time. You can check out our current customers.

  • By delivering a solid product as a result of a rigorous QA program and limiting our product to only Microsoft based technologies. We have had our product Gold Certified by Microsoft testing teams. We always stay current with Microsoft new release, and we force our customers to upgrade. Every FileHold customer is on exactly the same version of FileHold – no customizations ever.

  • By doing all of our installs remotely, we provide detailed and precise installation guides for customers to prepare their environment. Customers download FileHold, set up their licensing, and then receive extensive user training and best practice consulting from FileHold experts. These implementation programs are packaged and delivered at a low fixed fee.

  • By delivering our support program (FileCare) remotely over the web using web collaboration tools (no travel required). We also provide video training, extensive online help within the product, automated diagnostic tools, and near instant response from our support team using remote web control technologies.

  • We offer customers the opportunity to buy directly from us or through a growing network of Partners. For companies with adequate internal IT resources, they can buy direct. For those who need help with scanning, they can buy through our partners. We do not sell hardware, document scanners or imaging services; our only product deliverable is FileHold document management and records management software.

Buying products over the web has become a norm for everyone. At first, we were nervous about quality, but we liked the price so we took a chance. Buying highly sophisticated software that solves important business problems over the web is a bit more challenging. FileHold has solved this problem by providing plentiful and accurate information about our product, providing the comfort of live sales people who are highly responsive, and by delivering to a huge customer base. If you want to have high quality, low cost, and great value, it is necessary to take expense out of the supply and delivery chain, just as FileHold has done.

Larry Oliver

Larry Oliver is the founder and President of FileHold software. He can be contacted at [email protected].