FileHold 8.5 Released

FileHold 8.5 was released yesterday afternoon. We are getting onto the upgrades and new installations.

You can take a look at the new features here:

Features include:

* MS SharePoint 2007 / WSS 3.0 Integration
* An optional feature that is very cool to use is FileHold Fast Find for 3rd party application integration with various Windows Desktop applications.
* Folder based "Auto Tagging"
* Document Control Numbering (DCN) that ensures unique DCN's are assigned to each document
* SQL 2005 Reporting Services Integration to allow customers to write their own reports against FileHold metadata, usage, and other system metrics

In addition to these new features FileHold 8.5 document management software also comes with a number of other improvements including:

* Improved performance in the FileHold web client to help VPN users and other users spread across large enterprise networks with performance
* Support for Microsoft Vista with full Vista installer support coming in early December 2008
* Integration support for the FileHold Desktop Client with Microsoft Office 2007
* Improved auto positioning by the Brava viewer to make metadata capture even easier
* Enhanced search capabilities with the ability to highlight the words being searched as they are found.
* New update to FileHold's integrated DTSearch full text search engine using Version 2.0
* Improved System Administration License Usage Reporting in Web Client > System Administration
* Improvements in the FileHold Desktop Application for Cabinet >Folder hierarchy display performance
* Implement Library Level Statistics reporting: Cabinets# -> Drawer# -> Folder# -> Document counts with totals per system, for both: Active and Archive Library.
* Implementation of repetitive markup burnings into CSF files.
* IT department friendly (silent) FDA install / uninstall support to help IT departments deploy the desktop client using Active Directory deployment scripts or system management software like Kaseya or Microsoft System Management Server (SMS). Please note that FileHold does not test these various systems directly but has customers who are running these systems that kindly provide us with real world feedback during our quality assurance process. If you are a FileHold customer interested in helping FileHold with our next release around this area, please contact me for further information.