ERDMS Implementation at an Employment and Education Centre

Read a new case study, created by Marc Didemus of Image Advantage, a FileHold partner, on how FileHold was implemented at the Employment and Education Centre (EEC) in Brockville, Ontario for its electronic document and records management system capabilities.

The benefits of this implementation included:

  1. They removed approximately one-third of their hardcopy files from their main storage room by scanning them and storing them electronically. This freed up a significant amount of storage space, one of the main goals of the agency when the project commenced.

  2. All files that are in their possession are now inventoried removing the unknown factor that existed previously. The EEC is now able identify what clients they have done work for, when this took place and if they have any documents still in their possession relating to the work that was completed. This is a big improvement compared to how the system was setup before and it also makes it easier to handle Freedom of Information requests that are becoming more common.

  3. The biggest change and benefit to the EEC in terms of how they store, locate and retrieve their files came with the implementation of the EDRMS.

Thanks to Image Advantage for providing this valuable case study and proving that a document management system is extremely valuable for organizations!

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