Can my current records management system be replaced by FileHold?

The answer is yes!

If you are looking to replace a current electronic records management system with a new solution offering a more robust feature set you can look no further. FileHold offers features such as integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Active Directory, advanced security, workflow for the entire document lifecycle, and complies with strict naming and retention policies. Built on Microsoft .NET Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), this provides easy integration with other enterprise solutions and productivity applications. If those reasons aren't enough to switch to FileHold, then read about how significant credits are offered to those "trading in" their current records management systems.

When working with us to find out how your old records can be moved into FileHold, you can answer the following questions. This will help with the planning phase of the data migration.

  1. What document management system do you currently use?

  2. Which version of this software is in production?

  3. When was the system last updated?

  4. What is the web site for this product?

  5. What operating system does your current system run on?

  6. What database type / version is in use within the document management system? If any?

  7. Do you have documentation on the database?

  8. Are the documents stored inside the database as blob objects or are they stored externally in a folder structure?

  9. What is the total number of documents in the system?

  10. Do you have a list of the different types of documents/records stored in the system?

  11. Do you have any single page .TIF files stored individually but that are presented as a single document?
    In some very old EDMS systems, single page TIFFs are stored individually but presented to the user in a viewer as a single document. There can be additional and complex migration steps to merge these to multi-page TIFF or PDF.

  12. Do you have any large file sizes over 10MB, 100MB, 1GB or 2.0 GB? Please provide basic metrics on totals, and percentage of all documents.

  13. Where is this data stored? A server, a NAS appliance, a SAN?

  14. How many GB or TB is there for the entire collection?

  15. Is it stored in multiple locations/offices – or is it in one location?

  16. Does your system allow for exporting documents and the associated metadata? If yes, have you ever used this facility?