Business problem solved – FileHold e-form processing

The e-form processing in FileHold helps you maximize efficiency with routine tasks.

The Pain

You are head of your organization’s HR department. Each day, you have a dozen new applications on your desk, both emails with resumes and hand-written applications and you need to be able to have them be organized and accessible for other departments.

The Solution – E-Form Processing

Standardize Data

The advantage of any form is to capture critical information as determined by the creator, and format how that information may be found quickly. If you know the form, then you know where to look to find a name, phone number, or any sort of critical information. The advantages of making this form electronic are significant:

  • Completion – E-forms can force the user to complete all required fields, so vital information is not left out.
  • Data Entry – Since information entered is an electronic record, there is no need to type it a second time and risk transposition errors.
  • Convenience – There is never a need to make more copies, or decipher handwriting, or guess when it was completed; the e-form resolves all these.
  • "Open Access” e-forms – They can be completed online remotely or in-office on a dedicated machine, so getting the physical paper is not a barrier.
  • Limitless application – Purchase orders, job applications, requests for documents, invoices, or leave requests can all be e-forms.

Capture Information

While e-forms hold great advantage over standard forms, a folder full of forgotten e-forms on a server is not helpful. FileHold is the ideal solution for any organization to optimize their use of e-forms. Through extraction rules, metadata tags values can be automatically extracted from e-forms. This makes it simple to populate these fields in order to search for relevant terms later. In the search results, you can instantly sort which position was being applied for, or when the applications arrived. Not only is this process done automatically when the form is entered into FileHold, but it does so without data-entry errors – saving you time and money. There are no reports to generate to see these results of metadata search as Advanced Search function in FileHold does this for you, even letting you save that search criteria for future use.

Workflow enabled

A workflow can be triggered automatically so the completed form can move through your organization for approval or comment as soon as it is added to the FileHold Library. Whether it's an application to be vetted or a leave request to HR, FileHold helps keep e-forms moving.

Keep E-Forms Organized and Secure

The familiar structure of cabinets, drawers, folders, and documents in FileHold helps you to keep your completed e-forms sorted in a way logical for your organization. Once entered into the library, your e-forms can be automatically filed into the proper location. You also control who has access to these forms by granting permission to certain users and groups. For example, if a new application has arrived for the shipping department, FileHold can add it automatically to the Shipping folder of the Application Drawer of the HR Cabinet. The Head of Shipping can only see the documents in that one folder, and can be notified when a file is added.

Anyone with permission can look at that file anywhere they have access to FileHold, be it the Desktop Application, Web Client or Mobile FileHold. You do not have to process forms, or send an email to let someone know it is there. Your time can be spent on more important tasks.

Go Paperless

The dream of a paperless office is closer with FileHold. Your e-form is completed on the computer, and once added to the library, is sorted automatically, approved, or commented on through a workflow, and the completed file is retained as per your organization’s policy regarding file lifecycle. Your e-form will never hit the printer thanks to the rich features of FileHold.

To learn more about how FileHold and e-form processing can make your routine easier while maximizing your efficiency and cost-savings, contact [email protected].

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].