The barbecue event that needed FileHold

FileHold is capable of electronically managing and eliminating all paper processes in your office including organizing a social event such as a barbecue.

(The following is a true story. The name of the company has been deliberately omitted.)

It was a wonderful gesture, to show it’s appreciation for its tenants; a property management firm was planning to host a summer barbecue.  What a great idea? Who doesn’t like a summer barbecue?

However, before this event were to take place some planning would be required.  The following details had to be considered such as when and where the barbecue would take place?  How much food should be prepared? Would there be any vegetarian options available and how many of these dishes would be required?  

Rather than using FileHold, the company performed the following wasteful and time consuming steps:

Step 1:  A letter was personally delivered to all of the tenants in the building announcing a barbecue was going to take place on a yet to be determined date.

Step 2:  A few days later, a mass email with an attached form was sent out to each tenant confirming how many people from each office would be attending the barbeque and if anyone attending required a vegetarian food option. 

Step 3:  A few days after the email had been sent out; an employee from the property management firm personally dropped by the office of each tenant to confirm if they had received the email about the barbecue and that the attached form had to be filled out and returned on a specified date.

If only this company would have used FileHold, they could have accomplished this task far more efficiently by doing less manual work and killing fewer trees in the process.

FileHold contains a secure proof of delivery feature called Courier.  In this scenario, the company could have used Courier to send a mass email to all tenants announcing the details of the barbeque with an attached e-form that must be reviewed, completed and returned by a specific date.  With Courier, the company would immediately receive a notification when the email was opened and reviewed by each tenant.  Also, if a tenant didn’t open the email within a specified time, the company could also be notified so they could follow up and take further action.  By using Courier, the company would not have had to print any information or have an employee make several unnecessary trips to each office to drop off this information and perform further follow up.

Also, once the e-forms for the barbecue were completed and returned; this information could be uploaded and stored into FileHold’s repository and could be quickly located using FileHold’s Search feature.  If the company needed to track the number of e-forms that had been filled out and returned for the barbecue, FileHold’s Reports feature could immediately provide this information as well. 

So whether it’s an invoice, a contract, an employment form or in this case, the planning of a barbecue event, FileHold can help eliminate manual paperwork and make your office operate efficiently in a paperless environment.


David Knight is a FileHold Sales Consultant. He can be contacted at [email protected].