2014 Partner of the Year Award Announced

2014 was a great year for our global partner network. So much so that we had a hard time choosing our partner of the year winner. Many factors such as partner sales, the ability to directly support their customers, and sustainability of customers all play an important roll in determining who should win. It was concluded that since there was more than one partner that stood out last year, that we are awarding not one but two partner of the year awards!

Our first winner is a second-time partner of the year winner! Image Advantage is recognized as Eastern Ontario’s premier document scanning centre. They provide document scanning, consulting services and of course, FileHold document management software. Image Advantage has assisted numerous municipalities to incorporate The Ontario Municipal Records Management System (TOMRMS) into their business practices. TOMRMS, a complete system for managing paper records, has been used by hundreds of Ontario municipalities since 1990. Developed in conjunction with The Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks & Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO), TOMRMS is the ideal system for tackling large collections of paper documents. Image Advantage is being honoured for their business growth of FileHold software. Congratulations!

Our second winner is a first-time award winner but has been a partner of FileHold for many years. JR3 is based in Waco, Texas, whose mission is to support Public Schools in their efforts to successfully operate, report and comply to an ever changing education market. Educating children should be the paramount goal in today’s world economy, and JR3 understands that and will do its part to provide cost effective, clear and concise products along with a support team that is caring and knowledgeable. JR3 is being honoured for their business sustainability of FileHold software. Congratulations!

Kevin Chang, Partner Program Manager of FileHold Systems, said, "While we appreciate and thank the efforts of all of our partners, Image Advantage and JR3 have both had an outstanding year in terms of both sales growth and business retention. I congratulate the entire Image Advantage and JR3 teams! Let all of our FileHold partners help make 2015 our most successful year yet."

2014 Partner of the year awards