Microsoft Office Integration and the Smart Client

FileHold software integrates seamlessly into the worlds most popular desktop software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio and PowerPoint.  This integration makes the interface friendly and easy for users to learn and adds power to the desktop.

Tight integration with Microsoft Office

The Desktop Application (FDA) is a windows desktop application that provides a feature rich user interface with drag and drop capability when interacting with the document management system server. The  Desktop Application interface is designed for frequent users of the document management system as opposed to the web client which is designed for more casual access to electronic documents and records. Both are designed to assist in moving to and maintaining a paperless office environment.

The integration with Office allows users to add a new document, get a copy, check out, check-in, search for documents and more without leaving their favourite applications.

Some of the features include: 

  • When working in Microsoft Outlook, emails (and all related email attachments) are auto indexed and added to the document management software in one easy step.

  • Users can search for documents contained in the paperless office right from their Microsoft Office applications using all of the full-text and metadata search functionality.

  • Users can quickly meta-tag documents right from the Microsoft Office applications when adding and updating files to the paperless office.

  • Users can quickly manage their document workflow tasks and review/approve documents from within any Microsoft Office application.

Desktop client (FileHold Desktop Application)

The desktop application is designed for power users who want the look and feel of a Microsoft Office application. Features such as 'drag and drop" that can not be provided in a web software experience provide powerful productivity tools.

To deliver on the promise of a rich application experience that works seamlessly with the users existing Microsoft desktop environment, the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) combines the best user interface functionality of desktop software with the broad reach and low-cost deployment of Web applications.

The best of the desktop software includes a rich, interactive, user interface that is quick to respond - requiring no page refresh - and has common user interface behaviours such as drag-and-drop, file menu and right click support. The best of the Web is an application that is deployed and maintained from a scalable, centralized server ensuring that users have the latest version of the application while reducing IT department's deployment and maintenance costs.

The Desktop Application software is considered a 'Smart' client and has been built using Microsoft .NET development environment. The user requires the NET Framework version to be installed on the client machine to run the FileHold Desktop Application.

Watch a video to see how the Microsoft Office integration works plus many other powerful FileHold software features.

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