Automating the Organization of Unstructured Text

With any business, there comes a point when it’s time to consolidate, centralize, and share documents in a centralized, organized, and secure environment using a document management system.

Capturing Metadata in FileHold

In order to implement a document management system, organizations need to identify the knowledge within the documents to properly capture the metadata information. The problem with this is that there may be hundreds of thousands or millions of documents that need to be moved into the document management system and trying to make sense of that information can seem daunting. With Cirilab Speed Read™, Cirilab Knowledge Map™ and FileHold document management software, the process of analyzing and structuring large amounts of unstructured text and transitioning into a secure, searchable document library can be completely automated.

Using Cirilab’s automatic Knowledge Indexing Engine, unstructured electronic documents can be automatically organized, classified, and navigated no matter where the information resides in the organization. Using the information captured from the analysis (called semantic tags), the documents are then imported into FileHold document management software and the semantic tags are captured as metadata about the documents. Once the information is in the document management system, the content is indexed on the metadata level and by the Full Text Search engine making your information completely searchable.

This automation of analyzing unstructured information, automatically tagging and bringing the information into a document management system can save an enormous amount of time. Imagine having hundreds of thousands or millions of documents to bring into the document management system and having to open each and every document to see what metadata needs to be captured for each document. Then imagine having an automated process that would capture all of the information for you. Which would you choose?

Screenshot Showing Captured Metadata

To demonstrate the power of the software capabilities, examples are shown below. In the first screen capture, you can see that documents were imported into the document management software along with the metadata that was classified by the Cirilab Knowledge Indexing Engine. A total of 30 metadata fields were automatically filled out during the import.

Import unstructured text into the document management system


Documents Become Searchable

Once the documents were in FileHold, the indexing process occurred and now all of the documents are fully searchable.

Search for documents imported using unstructured data


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