AD Integration with FileHold User Groups

FileHold software supports flexible and easy to implement user and user group synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory and other popular directory services.

FileHold has created an Active Directory synchronization technology that can integrate users and groups from multiple domains as FileHold users. Depending on the required deployment scenario the FileHold User and Role Management Module can be easily and frequently synchronized with Active Directory domains (single OU per domain). Users and user groups can also be populated with users that do not reside in Active Directory (are not domain members). These local users are authenticated with Microsoft's Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) software.

Integrated windows authentication is supported for all FileHold users who reside in the Active Directory domain of the FileHold server. Authentication is synchronized with Active Directory eliminating the need for an additional process of logging into the document management software. This tight integration saves steps for users who have logged into their Windows accounts and have been authenticated against Active Directory.

For more complex deployment scenarios other Microsoft technologies and products, such as Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager, can synchronize users with other directory and non directory based identity stores and Optional Integration with Microsoft Active Directory. For most deployment scenarios the document management software ships with the User and Role Manager to provide initial and ongoing synchronization with Active Directory objects (users and groups) using the FileHold AD Synchronizer. This solution is inexpensive, easy to deploy and manage and is perfectly suited for the scenario in which Active Directory is the only required identity store to integrate with.

FileHold software Custom Integration with Other Directory Services through Professional Services

AD LDS is compliant with the popular Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) standard. The FileHold Product Development and Professional Services Teams are well versed in writing software calls which access Active Directory users, objects and their properties and synchronize them with the user store residing within the document management software User and Role Manager. If needed the FileHold team would leverage this knowledge to develop custom connectors to any LDAP based directory services.