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Document Scanning Software Kodak Capture Pro

FileHold software works seamlessly with KODAK Capture Pro for your document scanning and imaging needs.

FileHold is a certified reseller of KODAK Capture Pro.

FileHold and KODAK Capture Pro document scanning software is easy to install and easy to use and provides a fast track to the "Paperless Office". Users can convert mountains of paper in usable structured electronic storage.

KODAK Capture Pro Software is a full-feature document scanning and imaging application that not only works with KODAK Scanners but with over 160 other scanner models from different manufacturers. Capture Pro has numerous automated functions, flexible scale-up, no click charges, and integrates directly with the affordable document management software. KODAK Capture Pro and FileHold together deliver great return on your investment.

Capture Pro has powerful, flexible batch capture and productivity to satisfy user needs from desktop to high-volume production. Customer can start scanning right away using the preconfigured set-ups and a single, user-friendly interface. KODAK Capture Pro Software makes the conversion quickly and efficiently.

KODAK has published a document on the differences between KODAK Capture Pro, EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro, and Kofax Capture scanning software. To learn about the differences between the three scanning software types that is compatible with the document management software, the PDF document can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

To learn more about how the document management software integrated with KODAK Capture Pro, sign up for a free sales demonstration.

The KODAK Capture Pro output component automates the integration of scanned documents within the document management software. To obtain the integration package contact sales@filehold.com.

Download a copy of our KODAK Capture Pro scanning brochure.

Document Scanning Software Comparison

Download a copy of a comparison matrix of KODAK Capture Pro, Kofax Capture, and EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro. This document was prepared by KODAK.