FileHold Software - Training Options

For customers who want document management software training beyond what comes with normal installation and beyond what can be accomplished using the packaged training materials  more is offered.

Extra training for a FileHold installation is usually not required. Many customers have commented on the fact that FileHold is a very easy application to get up and running.  Users are able to successfully search, navigate and retrieve documents from the document repository in minutes.

See the Implementation and Training datasheet.

Remote On Line User Training

The most cost effective and flexible way to get outstanding training for individuals or groups is to use the remote training tools.  All that is required is access to the internet for the remote training sessions. 

FileHold Training Videos

Training videos are generally all staff will need to be familiar with the concepts of FileHold document management.  These videos are included free of charge when you purchase the document management software for your organization. 

Onsite Training Sessions

On site training is rarely needed as it adds unnecessary expense to the Total Cost of Implementation.  The remote training programs have been proven  to work at a much lower cost.  On-site training is offered on a case by case basis. 

Custom Documentation or Videos

Custom documentation based on your actual configuration of the document management software showing your file plans and user rights can be developed.  In some cases customer Video training may be the best choice for specific needs.

For an overview of FileHold features attend a webinar.