FileHold Service Level Agreement (SLA)

FileHold Systems offers an annual technical support and product upgrade subscription known as "FileCare". This agreement entitles the customer to an array of support and upgrade services to ensure maximum value from their document management software. This section describes the FileHold Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Software Support Methodology

Customers are supported in English using remote support services including e-mail and web based  meeting tools.  With a customers approval FileHold supports by logging on to the customer's system using remote control software. Support is available from 12:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific time Monday to Friday excluding certain local holidays.  Additional support can be scheduled on weekends or evenings by prior arrangement.

The support process starts when a software user contacts their internal help desk, IT support department, or FileHold reseller. If the customer's internal support or reseller determines the problem is related to the document management software and cannot help they will register the issue with [email protected]. Emails to FileHold support are monitored by FileHold technical staff over 16 hours per day, Monday to Friday.

Issue Severity Definitions

Following are the levels of issue severity:

  • Level 1 - Global severity - All or most production users affected by an outage of functionality.
  • Level 2 - User severity - One or a small number of production users affected by an outage of functionality.
  • Level 3 - Non-critical Severity - A non-production or cosmetic issue, no significant effect on users or workaround available, or a product question.

FileHold Support Response Times

All support issues registered with FileHold support are assigned a unique support case number. The email will be responded to by a technical support team member by no later than noon of the next business day. In the response it will be determined if the problem is related to the document management software or a third-party application and a Severity level will be established.

If the source of the problem is outside the control of FileHold the customer will be advised accordingly and best efforts will be made to notify the party / parties responsible and cooperate with them to resolve such problem.

If the problem is within the control of FileHold the following responses are made:

  • Level 1 - Global severity: Technical e-mail communication will be initiated with the customer within 4 hours of severity determination. Continuous best efforts will be made to resolve the problem or until service is restored or until an interim remedy is implemented. The resolution objective is 1 business day.
  • Level 2 - User severity: The source e-mail communication will be initiated with the customer within 8 hours of severity determination. Best efforts to resolve the problem will be made with a resolution objective of 3 business days.
  • Level 3 - Non Critical severity: E-mail communication will be initiated with the customer within 16 hours of severity determination. Communication of the request will be made clear to the customers but resolution may wait until a future product release. If it is a product enhancement / future feature request the customer will be referred to Suggest a Feature.

Support Escalation Policy

If a customer feels the support response times are not being met or the problem is not being addressed they may initiate direct contact with the head of customer services at [email protected].

Customer Responsibilities

The FileCare document management subscription program is a powerful tool but customer should expect to have good IT governance and operations* and follow normal good IT practices in protecting their data. The following are customer responsibilities for maintaining FileCare. For FileHold Cloud customers all of this work is performed by the FileHold team.

  • The FileHold server must meet and maintain the minimum system requirements*. Problems with customer equipment, networks, Windows and SQL server should be corrected before contacting FileHold for assistance where possible. If FileHold technicians find problems with customer equipment, networks, Windows or SQL server the customer is responsible to fix the problems before FileCare continues to support the application. IMPORTANT: The FileHold server must be dedicated to running FileHold.
  • Report all problems via email to [email protected] immediately.  Include a description of your issue along with screen shots if possible.
  • The timely transmittal and release to FileHold of appropriate and accurate documentation and information related to the issue. Run the document management software 'HealthChecker' and provide the health report*, event logs*, applicable client logs, screen shots, and steps to reproduce to FileHold when reporting an issue. For large files, FileHold provides a file transfer web site. Where needed, make available your experts in Windows, network, and SQL Server database administration.
  • Back up all data* on a daily, weekly and monthly basis including all 4 or 5 SQL Databases and SQL Log files, File Directory Storage Paths and other critical system files. More details are outlined in the Disaster Recovery and Backup Best Practices in the Document Management System
  • Ensure routine maintenance is performed on the server hardware and software by appropriately skilled personnel*. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining appropriately configured malware tools, archiving and or truncating various system log files as appropriate, monitoring storage, RAM, and CPU capacity to ensure it continues to meet operational requirements.
  • Ensure Microsoft and other service packs and updates are tested and applied to the server to maintain best practices operating conditions*.
  • Provide appropriate training on FileHold to staff that will be using or maintaining FileHold and take advantage of the extensive knowledge base on our web site. FileHold professional services have a variety of training programs available to ensure new staff are properly trained and existing staff are trained on new product features.

*These items are not required to be done by customer who have their software hosted in the FileHold Cloud.

Other Features of the FileCare Subscription Support Program

Knowledge Base: Is available to customers on FileCare 24 hours per day 7 days per week. It serves as a knowledge base of common support incidents that may help you quickly solve a problem or for our customers who want technical information that is not available in other places.

Software Upgrades: Customers on FileCare have access to any released hot-fixes, service packs, and major or minor new versions of software while under contract. If there are no changes to the existing server or operating system the technical support for upgrades is provided at no additional charge.

Reporting: FileCare maintains a status report of open and past support issues including; issue number, problem category, severity, status, and problem description. A customer may ask for a review of their support incidences including our response at any time.

Addition of licenses: Customers on FileCare can add new licensed features to the system at any time at no administration charge other than the cost of the license. For registered user licenses, there is a minimum of 5. The cost of the FileCare contract is pro-rated on new licensing to the FileCare agreement anniversary date.

Custom solution coverage: FileHold developed reports, plug-ins, connectors, or other custom software is also covered by FileCare. In addition to unlimited break-fix support, this also includes changes needed to accommodate FileHold product upgrades, configuration changes, and upgrades in third-party interfaces. It does not include changes to the original custom solution requirements or new third-party interfaces. The rate for custom solution FileCare is different from the standard product FileCare.

No charge disaster recovery assessment: FileHold will provide a free assessment of what activities will need to be completed to bring the FileHold software back to normal operation following a hardware failure or other IT disaster. FileHold technicians can assist with some of these activities for a professional services fee.

FileHold expertise: There may be situations where FileHold is not performing normally, but the cause is not FileHold. Your FileCare agreements includes our technicians working with your experts to collaboratively find a solution to the problem. For example, if you are concerned about Microsoft SQL performance, we will work with your database administrator to find the best optimizations for your server and databases.

Annual system review: FileHold contacts all FileCare customers annually to make sure they are getting the best value out of their purchase and to perform a preventative maintenance check of their system.

FileCare Software Subscription Terms and Conditions

Term: The FileCare subscription runs for 12 months from the day the FileHold server software is installed and the license is issued. The contract start and end date will be clearly stated on the FileCare subscription invoice. Licenses added in the middle of a FileCare agreement term will have their FileCare fees prorated to the normal term renewal date.

Termination of support services: The FileCare contract may only be terminated by FileHold in advance of the contract expiry in which case FileHold will refund a prorated portion of the annual service contract. The customer may terminate by declining the annual contract renewal.

Active Directory Synchronization and other third-party components may not be covered by FileCare: Microsoft Active Directory is a third-party component and if a customer makes changes to user roles or schemas the synchronization can be thrown off. In order to repair this synchronization FileHold will have to re-run their synchronization tools, there may be extra charge for these services. Support for the supplied document scanning software, other third-party scanning products, third-party components and customer developed interfaces to third-party applications are not be covered under FileCare and are not eligible for the Level 1 severity SLA.

Eligibility: In order to remain on FileCare customers must remain no more than one major release behind the most current major release of FileHold. All installed FileHold servers, optional modules, and custom solutions must be covered by FileCare. When servers, optional modules, or custom solutions are decommissioned FileCare can be correspondingly reduced at the next renewal. FileCare is not required for one-time-use migration or conversion software.

Server and Operating Systems Upgrades: FileCare does not cover the re-installation of FileHold as a result of customer server or operating system upgrades or catastrophic failure. There will be a professional services fee for assistance with a re-installation.

API: All standard clients use the FileHold web services that make up the FileHold API. As such, support for the FileHold API is included with FileCare, but support for a custom application you build using the API is not included. If you have an issue with your custom application, send details of the error you are encountering from the FileHold event log or replicate the issue using a standard FileHold client. Do not send screen shots or related materials from your custom application as the FileCare team has no way to diagnose issues with this information. If you are developing an application and you are unable to find the documentation for a specific scenario, the FileCare team may be able to help. All issues or questions related to your custom application are treated as level 3 priority. If you need more help to create or debug your custom application see the API Terms of Use for full details.

Understandings that bind FileHold that are not expressly stated: Notwithstanding any other provisions our total and exclusive liability is no more than the unused portion for the annual FileCare contract. The program is provided on an as-is-basis, we do not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted, error free, or completely secure. This includes effects resulting from actions or in-actions of third-parties including hosting partners.

If you have any questions or concerns about FileCare forward your comments to [email protected]. FileHold management will receive your message and respond.

Software Disaster Recovery

Catastrophic Hardware Failures or Third Party component failures are not covered by FileCare but customers who are on the FileCare program can get help.

There may be professional services fees for this assistance which will be quoted at the time and based on a preferential customer billing rate. In the event of failure which results in loss of the document management software server the typical disaster recovery steps are as follows:

  1. Customer registers and creates a support case detailing the extent of the disaster.
  2. Customer will need to verify that their systems are compatible with the document management system requirements.
  3. Remote Access to the customer systems via remote collaboration software must be available for the support team to access the system.
  4. Customer will supply the two most recent backups of their data.
  5. FileHold Systems will schedule a time to restore the live server using remote diagnostic tools.
  6. A staging or testing server may be set up to properly recover the system without changing the primary server that is having issues (hardware or otherwise).
  7. FileHold will test the server and confirm it is fully operational.
  8. FileHold will help the customer test that all systems are operating as specified.

For more information, read about document management software disaster recovery. Fill out our general information request form or email [email protected] if you have further questions.