Installation Processes

FileHold is a scalable, enterprise grade software product that takes full advantage of the Microsoft technology environment. Customers with Microsoft Server configuration skills, Microsoft SQL knowledge and General IT infrastructure experience who carefully follow the detailed Server Preparation and Installation guides can install the software with minimal technical assistance.

Steps in a FileHold Software Installation

FileHold software is so easy to install that FileHold guarantees the technical installation on a correctly prepared server will never exceed 2 hours of support from FileHold. Following are the standard implementation steps:

  1. Kick Off meeting: The FileHold Sales consultant will set up a meeting to introduce a Project leader from the FileHold Support Team to review the standard implementation project plan and make adjustments as needed.
  2. Server Preparation – The installation support process starts with FileHold providing a detailed server preparation guide and walking your IT adviser through the Microsoft server configurations process.
  3. FileHold software Install – Once the Microsoft components are installed our engineer will give access to a FTP site that contains the filing software for download. Once ready the engineer will actually take remote control of your server and complete the installation.
  4. Testing – Once install is complete our engineer will issue the software license key and run a thorough testing of components such as version control and workflow.
  5. Training Packages (optional) – Training, consulting and support services ensure the best use of the FileHold software. Our consultants provide "best practices" advice based on years of experience on how to configure your users, document processes and workflow for your industry.

The following training is included with a training package purchase;

Phase 1 – This training is for System and Library Administrators and includes:

  • System Administration – The general management of user accounts, access permissions and general server settings.
  • Library Administration – Our trainer, with the customer, will examine and review the typical documents to be stored in the system. The trainer will than work with the customer to establish best practices when managing the document library. This include, defining a controlled metadata vocabulary for document classification and how to streamline importation of legacy documents.

Phase 2 – This phase is considered as follow up training which provides further assistance for the administration of the FileHold software covering in more detail the topics from the first training session and answering any questions that may have arisen since then. More administration training and configuration assistance can be provided at any time.

Every customer has different needs but a fairly standard implementation process is followed: Learn more about this process at FileHold Software implementation

Customer Support Materials

A variety of support materials are included with the Software purchase:

  • PowerPoint training materials – Learn how to use the FileHold software at your own pace by following a detailed PowerPoint with illustrated screen shots and configuration examples.

  • Videos – Video tours that are excellent for introducing users to document repository software. These videos are available for unlimited use and cover topics such as system administration, library administration, document workflow, document management essentials, scanning and imaging integration and more.

  • Knowledge Base and Online Help – a comprehensive on line help system that lets users understand and work with FileHold

  • Hardware Recommendations – Can be provided to you or the IT department on matters such as server configuration, security and other infrastructure requirements.
  • FileHold Web Site – This web site is a rich source of information ranging from case studies, technology articles and ideas on best practices in document management. Simply use the search function at the top of this page to search for any needed information on the document management software.

  • Health Checker Tool – For troubleshooting or server health verification purposes, you can use the FileHold Health Checker tool checks over 250 server configuration and FileHold Server health settings. The Health Checker tool is the main utility that is used in the diagnosis and repair of the FileHold server. It validates that the FileHold system is running normally. If you should ever experience issues with the server, the Health Checker tool should be run immediately to assess the issue. The Health Checker checks components such as:

    • Server and IIS properties
    • Configuration files
    • DLL files
    • Databases
    • ADAM
    • Service account
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Full text search index
    • Directories
    • License information

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