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Mobilizing your Business

Does your organization use electronic forms and mobile devices to capture important business information?

In this public webinar hosted by FileHold and Mi-Corporation, you will learn how to utilize mobile technology to capture information and pass it on to your corporate data center so it can be stored, retrieved and reported on as needed. This allows both the mobile and desk bound workforce to perform the duties of their job by having correct and current information while on the go.

The Mobilizing your Business recording can be viewed here.

Document Management Solutions for HR Departments

Is your company’s employee data stored securely?   Are you able to quickly locate and track employee records and other related documents?  Do you want to reduce the amount of manual paperwork in your HR department so you can work more efficiently and cost effectively? 

See highly effective business solutions that can resolve many of these issues that are common in many HR departments other office environments.

Download and watch the HR webinar here.

Accounts Payable Control Issues: A Best Practices Discussion for a Cost Savings Solution

“More than 84 percent of all invoices are still received on paper or via email and faxes (which then become paper), according to a just-released survey of some 300 AP pros by analyst firm PayStream Advisors Inc. PayStream estimates the average cost at small businesses to process an invoice at $15.58. This is about 40 percent higher than at organizations who have seen the benefits of automation.”

Is your organization interested in going paperless, taking advantage of early payment discounts, and avoiding paying late payment fees?

In this webinar, FileHold Systems Inc and Micro Com Systems Ltd will show you how to automate the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes to achieve a rapid ROI and implement a solution without disrupting the flow of business. 

With FileHold document management software and ABBYY scanning software, invoices never need to be printed or copied. Documents are no longer misfiled and are stored securely in a centralized location where they are easily searchable. Workflows can be developed for review and approval to ensure accounts payable documents are processed accurately and completed on time.

With AP document scanning, purchase orders, invoices, shipping and receiving information, cancelled checks, and correspondence can be can be turned into an electronic file. Customer problems can be solved faster because critical information is available instantly in FileHold document management software.

A well organized AP process make annual audits easy by providing sorted AP information on demand to auditors and keep you in compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

You can download and watch the Accounts Payable webinar here.

ABACC Webinar: “Go Green, Go Paperless” Using FileHold

Today’s educators face many challenges and demands from their students. Our webinar “Go Green, Go Paperless” discusses how to reduce the use of paper in the Education environment and save you money.  If your organization wants reduce the costs associated with buying, printing, processing, and storing paper forms and documents, you need an action plan and a software tool to help you achieve your goal. FileHold can be the answer for you!

What does it mean by going green? How do you develop an action plan? This session introduces technology that empowers reduction of paper. We will discuss the thoughts and planning process of how to identify your business problems and build your requirements list based on resolving those problems and achieve your goal of “Going Green, Going Paperless!”

Go paperless! Document Capture with FileHold

Join us for our one hour presentation on how to go paperless with FileHold's document capture capabilities.

Learn more about capturing and indexing documents using Multi-Function Centre(MFC's), digital copiers, and dedicated document scanners. This webinar will discuss best practices on how to become a paperless office using document capture methods using FileHold’s integration capabilities with 3rd party document imaging software, Workflow, Zonal and Full Text OCR strategies, Barcode Recognition,and Watched Folders.

Join Tom Newton, Director of Partner Relationships and Cameron Siguenza, VP of Customer Support and our special guest Sarah Smith, ISV Business Development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.  where they will focus on helping your organization move towards a truly paperless environment.

You can download this webinar package which contains the QSP Tutorial, webinar, PowerPoint presentation, four sample invoices in TIFF format, and two sample patch codes in TIFF and PDF format. This is a 92MB file.

Go Paperless! You can do it!

Resistance to change within an organization is always a hurdle for those campaigning to implement a new system. Learn how easy it is to implement a document management system in your organization and how to motivate your change-resistant peers to become paperless advocates. Join us to learn how to turn corporate ‘fear of unknown’ into unified excitement and anticipation!

Presenter: Patricia Beelby, co-author of “Paper Trails: the Dirt Roads Crossing the Information Highway, the Business Case for Electronic Records” and Vice President of TRAC Records. Pat is a Certified Document Imaging Architect™ and is qualified to conduct needs analysis, design and specify electronic document management systems. She is also a Certified Records Manager. Pat has a Master degree from the Faculty of Business, University of Alberta.