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FileHold is a proud member of the Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges.

Welcome ABACC members to FileHold Document and Records Management Software

FileHold is a proud member of ABACC and hopes to provide value and productivity gains to the important educational work being performed by ABACC members.  A special pricing package and promotions have been created exclusively for ABACC member institutions.  To learn how your organization can benefit contact [email protected] .

FileHold software was not developed specifically for the Education market but is totally flexible to meet the needs of many organizations including schools, colleges and universities.  In addition to assisting educators in the creation of instructional materials and administrators in capturing student information the software solves business problems found in all organizations.  For example the ability to streamline the AP invoice approval cycle and  manage contracts including providing e-mail alerts and reminders on dates activity is needed. 

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How FileHold Software can Help ABACC

  • Student Admissions: - Many institutions use E-forms to collect student application information.  The software supports e-forms by saving them as PDFs in the software and automatically extracting the student information from the form and save it as metadata.  Following capture of the form it can be put into an automated workflow for Review and Approval by the admissions team.
  • Curriculum Development – FileHold is a powerful tool for creating and managing information.  The software provides a whole section of the application called “My FileHold” that helps educators when creating curriculum material, to store and share information.  The software has the ability to link parent and child documents which is a great tool in assembling research or education content.  Version control means that only the most current example of a document is being used.
  • Research and Records Management – FileHold is a repository for the long term storage and archiving of Intellectual Property.  The Foursquare Church has stored all of their national  historical records in FileHold and uses our powerful search tools to provide content for sermons and other activities to their member churches.  MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA), one of the most prestigious engineering firms in the world uses the software to manage their Intellectual Property.  Disposition policies can be set (only by those with permission) to delete document such as financial records when time frames permit.
  • Human Resources – The software E-forms capability also supports employment applications, performance reviews and the many other forms that HR departments use.  We also provide a paperless way to store and retrieve HR content that is secure but at the same time can be accessed from anywhere HR workers have access to the web.  The Ontario Truck Driver Training School uses FileHold software to store student achievement records and certifications so they can be shared between facilities.
  • Board Meetings Documentation – The document management software may be able to help an advisory board “Go paperless”.  Meeting minutes can be created, archived and distributed electronically.  Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association purchased FileHold for that purpose and ultimately to save courier and postage costs of information distribution.
  • Student Portal – The document management software can be configured to give large numbers of users “read only” access to common documents.  For example if there were safety policies or other regulatory information that you wanted your student body (or faculty)  to have access to they could be structured in FileHold to be viewed through a portal on your web site.

General benefits of FileHold software that appeals to virtually any organization:

  • FileHold can make organizations “Greener” by going paperless.  Thinking Green is on everyone’s mind these days. 
  • Not only does the document management software store any form of electronic document included scanning software helps in the conversion of paper records.
  • The creation, distribution and storage of paper documents cost money the tracking and eventual disposition of them can be very expensive.
  • Paper documents and standard “file shares” are not secure because there is usually very limited user rights control.
  • Viewers allow reading a document.
  • Document alerts, reminders and workflows are presented in a unified calendar to make document control efficient and accountable.
  • Centralizing information into an organized, secure, version controlled library just makes sense when compared to distributed information at risk on desktops.