Search in FileHold

The power of FileHold is the ability to find the documents you need, when you need them, and put them into useful workflows.

Following are some of the questions we have been asked. If your question is not answered here use our general information request form or email [email protected].

Can I Search for Information in FileHold Software from Other Applications such as QuickBooks or GIS?

Yes. A feature called FastFind in the document management software allows you to establish a hot link with any "Windows Forms" 3rd party application. The FileHold "FastFind" feature allows users to establish "hot key" links from 3rd party applications to FileHold. This "hot key" allows users to find any document stored within the FileHold document library with a single key stroke. (This capability is often called Screen Scraping).

For example: A user, who has had the FastFind feature installed, is working in a windows based accounting application displaying a customer invoice. The user would like to see the original contract or other documentation, that is associated with that customers invoice. To see the invoice the user simply puts their curser on the Customer Name field (or just makes it the active field) and presses a designated "hot key" (i.e. F9). Upon pressing the hot key the customer name is transferred to the FileHold document search engine and all documents that have that customer name will be displayed in the FileHold document search for review. The user can select the appropriate document and has several options for further activity: review it using the FileHold viewer, open it in its native application for further work, or even initiate a workflow and send that document to a colleague for approval.

Does FileHold Provide Search Capabilities?

Yes, a powerful, configurable full text search engine that searches against the index tags and all of the words associated with each checked-in file. FileHold document management software search capabilities include:

  • Keyword search.

  • Search titles of documents and folder.

  • Full text search within documents in the system. 

Yes, FileHold software also provides Metadata search. Administrators can define schemas for different types of documents and document types. For example an Invoice schema might provide the Customer Name, Invoice Amount, Date, Purchase Order #, or Invoice # as fields within the schema. Users can then quickly categorize the documents they are managing. The search engine then provides extremely fast searches against any of these custom fields. The FileHold document management software search engine can weigh the importance of the metadata and the text to give intelligent search results.

Can we Build Saved Searches Across Multiple Cabinets?

You can simply use the default search bar which will automatically search across all cabinets and folders you have access to. Advanced search allows you to search specifically in cabinets/folders or building an advanced query against metadata schemas. These searches can be saved and re-used.

When I Execute Saved Search in my Web Browser, only Five Results are Displayed per Page, can we change that to 10, 15...or more?

Yes. You can set your items per page in a search result by clicking on the contextual menu next to My FileHold and then selecting "My View Options" in top left corner of Web browser or by right clicking on My FileHold in the desktop client. You can also set this for folder views.

Does FileHold Software Support Full-Text Indexing with OCR Capability?

FileHold software can full text index documents that contain full text information. With every sale of The document management software we ship a scanning software package called QuickScan Pro, from EMC Captiva which can scan paper documents and convert them via OCR to a fully text searchable PDF format. These documents can be imported into FileHold where the document management software search engine reads the full text information and indexes this so that users can do keyword searches or other advanced searches.

When we Save an Email Attachment within the .msg Package are the Attachments OCR'd for Full Text Search as well as the Body of the Email?

Yes, the attachments are indexed by search engine and the search results will be displayed.