Implementing FileHold

Questions about the implementation of FileHold software.  The processes involved in the implementation of a document management system can mean the difference between success or failure.

Prospects ask a lot of questions about best practices in implementation. Learn more about implementation processes. or see the document management software Implementation and Training datasheet.

Can FileHold be installed and configured by non FileHold IT personnel?

Yes. The document management software is certified by Microsoft to be user installable. Detailed software installation guides are available for customers who want to install themselves. The document management software ships with a complete auto installer package. Once a server is properly configured installation will be less than 2 hours.

Is the software scalable?

Yes. the document management software utilizes a web services oriented architecture allowing for a variety of advanced configurations including clustering of servers. We test and optimize for up to 1,000,000 documents, although most of our customers might manage 100,000 or so key documents within the system. The system can scale to many millions of documents being stored with the right hardware configurations and consulting expertise.

Can we store images in FileHold?

You can store any type of file or document within FileHold document management software, and this includes images. We support up to a maximum file size of 1.7 GB - so very large files can be stored within The document management software. We would recommend using our .NET desktop clients to upload or download these large files.

We have multiple databases with multiple tables and their own metadata stored on our web server. We duplicate some of these items in our internal network (file server) to make them available to our users. Can the  software remove this duplication process?

A synchronization system could be developed to have a daily synchronization system that pulls in new documents and metadata from your other databases into the document management software. The .NET API and web services oriented architecture is designed around interoperability and integration with other systems. If you have any technical/design documentation on these databases we could take a look and give you a more comprehensive response anytime.

Please give me more information on the automated deployment feature of FileHold?

All client side software utilities are deployed using Microsoft technology providing automatic delivery of upgrades with minimal impact to the user's computer. FileHold has the following strategy for implementing a system:

The IT Administrator can deploy the Desktop / Office client via a MSI Package within Active Directory (6MB package) and grant the user the one-time rights to install the application through Add / Remove Programs / control panel. This makes it easier for IT to remotely deploy the Desktop/Office integration If you use a desktop management system (Open view, LANDesk, Tivoli, etc) you could possibly also install the MSI package on their behalf.

Are there different installers for the "Desktop Application" and the Integration with the MS Office Application Suite?

The FileHold Client installer includes both the Desktop Application and MS Office Integration. The Desktop Application needs to be logged on and running when using the MS Office integration components which take the form of both Office toolbar and Office File Menu integration.  Visio, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Editions are supported.  Office must be fully updated and patched from officeupdate.microsoft.com.

Tell me about the software training for users?

FileHold is easy to use and keeps the cost of training to a minimum. There is Web Based Training videos on the web site that provide an excellent reference point for potential customers as well as administrators and end users. The software has a very complete on-line help system that includes many screen shots and detailed user instructions. The company will provide live web based training for administrators as well as documentation for server administrators, library administrators and end-users. Additional customer training programs can be designed as may be required. Follow this link to attend a free document management webinar.

Does FileHold provide a centralized solution?

Yes - FileHold software focuses on the management of working documents and records. The software manages the lifecycle of a document from creation to disposition. The document management software repository is centralized; is accessible via the intranet or extranet and provides control of the documents. The document management software allows companies to move away from having copies of the same document lying around in different places for different reasons.