Custom reporting overview

FileHold uses an industry standard platform in Microsoft SQL Server for data storage, so a wide variety of options are available for custom reporting. FileHold has two solutions for integrating custom reporting to the normal FileHold full desktop or web client user interface to simplify giving access to custom reports to users. 

These solutions work by incorporating report viewers directly into the FileHold library panel and allowing administrators to control access according to user or user group. There is a viewer for Microsoft SSRS reports and the simple report viewer for html reports. The simple report viewer reports are available by clicking directly on the Reports node. SSRS report viewer reports are available in folders inside the Reports node according to the folders defined SSRS. The Reports node does not appear in you do not have any reports configured in your system.

library panel report node

The simple report viewer is available starting with FileHold version 17.1.

The following table will help you decide which reporting technology makes the most sense for your needs.

 Simple viewer reportsSSRS reports
Does not require additional technology(1)
Includes pre-installed example reports
Allows user to add runtime report parameters
Report designer available
SQL development skills required(2)(2)(3)
Viewer supports pagination
Output to printer
Output to Excel
Output to Word
Output to PDF
Output to CSV

(1) Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services must be installed which may require a secondary SQL installation and license.

(2) The FileHold professional services team can create reports as needed.

(2) It may be possible to create reports using the designer and minimal SQL skills, but only for trivial cases.