FileHold Enterprise - Enterprise Class Document Management Software

FileHold Enterprise document management /document workflow and approval software is the fast track to the “paperless office” for medium to large size organizations with more than 20 users. FileHold Enterprise is scalable to support thousands of users and millions of documents using Microsoft Technologies Service Oriented Architecture and the .NET framework.

FileHold Enterprise software can be purchased as a perpetual license installed on your own server or in the cloud.  It can also be purchased via a monthly subscription and even hosted by FileHold on the Microsoft Azure FileHold-Cloud. Every installation is configured to match your organizations Information Governance (IG) needs. Get rid of your paper documents, shared drives or personal hard drives. Going paperless with FileHold document management software is easy and affordable.

FileHold has an intuitive and friendly file structure that mimics the physical filing hierarchy of cabinets,  drawers and folders. The software installation is fast and easy compared to "platform" based products that can require consultation and IT resources often measured in weeks and months.  

A Common Sense Fee Structure

FileHold has broken the paradigm of document management software being expensive, confusing, and difficult to install. Our pricing is based on a common sense idea — a low cost per user fee and a charge based on actual usage.There are no scan or document volume fees in FileHold.  Choose from a rich set of optional features, pay for only the features you need.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Access FileHold from anywhere you have internet access. Fast access to this information from anywhere, be it from the factory, remote office, taxi, or on public transportation, is vital for today's professionals. With FileHold, your vital corporate content is always available.

The Mobile Client allows you to access documents and manage administration functionality from any standard web browser. The FileHold Desktop Application is a feature-rich desktop application that enables scanning integration as well as all document, workflow, and search capabilities. Mobile FileHold offers a streamlined user experience on your smartphone device. With the FileHold API, you create your own interface to the document management software.

Even if you don't have internet access, you can still work with your documents offline. The document management software will recognize the document changes and can be synchronized with the library once you are back online. FileHold document management software makes it easy to work anywhere — offline or online.

Access FileHold Anytime, Anywhere

Installation and Training Options

FileHold software is so easy to install that it is done using remote communication technologies. Customers simply prepare their server according to a provided Server Preparation Guide (SQL Server and Windows Server from Microsoft required). Once the server is ready and the installation of the software is completed (guaranteed to take no more than 2 hours), remote configuration and training begins.  If you choose the FileHold Cloud option everything is done for you.

You control the implementation and training fees. FileHold offers three levels of detailed implementation plans: Gold, Silver or Bronze. You choose the level of support you will need for your implementation. FileHold provides online help, documentation, video tours, and training materials for self-paced training and configuration.

What Our Customers Say

  • "The ease of use and implementation were key to our decision to move ahead with FileHold." - Engineering Customer
  • "I think the search speed makes the greatest impression, but ease of use in general goes a long way." - Manufacturing Customer
  • "I really appreciate all the help FileHold has given me during the launch of our scanning and document management project." - Oil and Natural Gas Customer
  • "I like working with FileHold, you know what you're doing product and business wise. Your team has been great to work with." - FileHold Business Partner
  • "The help that I received from FileHold was hands down some of the best support I have seen with a software package". - Document Management Consultant
  • "I want to tell you how much everyone is enjoying our new FileHold installation. My users give me unsolicited comments on how well FileHold is working." - Manufacturing Customer
  • "I want to express my gratitude for the guidance we received from your customer service team during our initial FileHold build and the subsequent technical encounters." - Government Customer
  • "I am a convert to Filehold - the power is not in the file structure but the ease in which you can find what you are looking for." - Biotech Company
  • "The ability to which you are able to cutomize FileHold is very impressive." -Wholesale Trade Industry customer
  • Wow, you guys at FileHold really understand customer service. Thank you very much! - Integrated Canadian Forest Products Company
  • I wanted to express my thanks of how flexible and responsive you have been as an organization and wanted to let you know that I would be more than happy to act as a reference should you need one.The harsh reality is that the FileHold 'valued customer experience' has fallen by the wayside with many other vendors and is very refreshing when you come across it! -Telecommunications Customer
  • "I have once again been VERY impressed with the level of service you as a company provide and have provided in the past. I have said it before but I will say it again it is MUCH appreciated and VERY refreshing receiving this level and quality of service!" - Telecommunications Customer
  • It is refreshing to find a company as responsive as FileHold these days. - FileHold Reseller
  • FileHold has to be THE, if not, one of the easiest, most user-friendly, document management systems available on the market today.  We are now able to save time, space, headaches and stress looking through HUNDREDS of storage boxes for one piece of paper.  FileHold is ideal for ANY company, and will definitely be a valued asset within ANY company that has it. Referring to FileHold as ‘Highly Recommended’ would be like calling a 757 jet a ‘paper plane’…….. COMPLETE UNDERSTATEMENT. - Educational Services Customer
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for helping me with remapping the data base look-up fields. FileHold has one of the best troubleshooting teams I have encountered in all my experience. I also want to appreciate the promptness and willingness to go the extra mile. You all have exceeded my expectations and set the bar really high. - Health Care Customer
  • Thank you all for your fantastic support. I’ve been with the US government as a military or civilian employee for over 30 years and my experiences working with FileHold Systems, Inc., have been among the best I have experienced working with a contractor. - US Government Customer

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