Knowledge Base

How to access FileHold

Learn the many ways to access documents in the library using the various clients.

Password FAQs

Answers to common questions about passwords.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Users common questions about when they have problems using FileHold.

The Library hierarchy

The FileHold library resembles the real world by being structured into cabinets, drawers, and folders with security at the cabinet, folder, and schema levels.

Searching for documents

Learn how to search for documents, the various search request types, and create saved searches.

Workflows for documents

Electronic workflow is designed to streamline the review and approval process of documents as they proceed through their life cycle.

System administration

The System Administrator creates and manages user accounts, FileHold groups, system permissions, system security settings, and Active Directory synchronization.

Document viewers

Use a document viewer to view, apply markup, print, redact and rearrange pages directly in the document management system.

Library administration

The library administrator can create and manage schemas, metadata fields, workflows, and the library structure.

Courier overview

Use Courier to transmit documents for viewing or approving to people inside or outside the FileHold system. Unlike email, the transaction is fully audited.

Administration reports

Many administrative reports are available to the system and library administrators.

FDA and Web client preferences and settings

Modify the behaviour of the system to suit your personal needs. Several user preferences can be enabled depending on requirements.

How to use Mobile FileHold

Access your documents, add files, and approve and review workflow tasks while on the go with a tablet or smartphone.

Scanning and importing documents into FileHold

Scan and/or import mountains of paper using Managed Imports or Watched Folders.

Solution design resources

The features of FileHold can be used in many different ways to solve real business and IT problems.

Tailoring FileHold

Personalize the user interface to match the overall look and feel of your organization.

Developer and power user resources for FileHold

There are a number of customizations that can be done to the document management software through developer tools.

Technical documentation and troubleshooting

Do you have a technical issue? Check out our troubleshooting resources.