eDMS Software Implementation Packages

FileHold implementation packages

Installation fees can be a substantial part of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The FileHold Cloud eliminates installation effort and IT support completely. For your on-premise or private cloud deployment FileHold eliminates that risk with our "fixed fee" assistance plan. 

User training guarantees the success of your project. FileHold offers a variety of live and recorded training options that ensure optional usage of the many productivity features.

FileHold software implementations


FileHold document management software is an out-of-the-box solution that ships with multiple configurable user roles and can be user configured to create a friendly file structure. The software installation is fast and easy to install compared to "platform" based products that can require consultation and IT resources measured in weeks not hours. FileHold offers an online knowledge base, training videos, and best practice documentation. For more information on installation and training contact: [email protected]

FileHold Cloud – Azure-Hosted

FileHold provides a fully prepared and supported Cloud option hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.  The "Cloud" can be installed in the part of the world a customer specifies.  In this delivery, all IT services including system / documents back-up, server tuning, and eventual product upgrades are all taken care of by FileHold.  No customer IT resources are ever required. Each customer receives their own uniquely installed secure server that is personalized to their configuration of users and features.  This package is delivered at a fixed fee so there are never any expensive surprises.  Immediately after installation, this server is ready for training and full usage to begin. To learn more about the FileHold Cloud go to www.filehold.com/features/FileHold-Cloud

“On-premise” or "private cloud" installations

FileHold software can be installed on your own correctly prepared “on-premise” virtual or physical server or your own “cloud” environment.  The complete installation is delivered by FileHold service technicians using remote services. FileHold also provides a completely documented installation process guide so that your knowledgeable Network and Microsoft-trained IT administrators can prepare the required server and install FileHold software themselves.  No matter how long the installation takes the charges are fixed.

The Orientation Assistance Package consists of:

  • A kick-off meeting to understand the goals and objectives of the project and the division of responsibilities.
  • Provide detailed documentation and Q&A on preparation and provision of a server for installation of the document management software.
  • Support the customer in identifying the needed Microsoft components in preparation for the FileHold install.
  • Post-server inspection using the FileHold health checker.
  • FileHold Software Installation: Support installing the software server, the desktop applications, and the provided document SmartSoft scanning software.
  • Finally, FileHold will do a complete post-install inspection of the system. This ensures that backups have been set up, that server tuning has been done, and that the system is running perfectly on a technical level based on more than 250 system checks by the FileHold health checker.

From the kick-off meeting to full deployment, these installation processes are delivered for a fixed fee so that customers know exactly what their expense will be ahead of time and ensure FileHold software is training ready.

Training packages

In addition to providing an excellent online Knowledge Base (KB), FileHold also provides administrator and end-user training delivered using remote meeting tools. Customers can purchase as many hours of training as they need and schedule it at their convenience. All training hours are good for one year after purchase. The sales team will review and recommend options at the time of purchase, but these can be modified to meet specific customer needs.

FileHold offers training in the use, optimization, and deployment of FileHold, but these packages do not include system design, document taxonomy, or operational consultation. FileHold is happy to discuss your use case and share our experience with best practices guide – we want your deployment to be as successful as possible too – but this training is not a substitute for document management consultation. The philosophy to FileHold training is give each customer the basic skills to use the software to fit each organization’s needs, following the “teach a person to fish” ethos.  For more information contact: [email protected]

Base package – FileHold Fundamentals

The most popular implementation package for mastering the optimal use of FileHold. This is often the perfect starting point for smaller deployments, or where the project does not involve intensive use of optional features. It is also ideal for those who have had some prior document or records management software experience.  This package consists of 8 hours of remote training, with the customer making use of the FileHold training materials and video tours to supplement the in-person training sessions. These hours are available for use one year from purchase and must be consumed. Typically, these follow a "train the trainer" approach for internal deployment.

The package consists of the following components for a total of 8 hours:

  • Training on System and Library Administration including user rights configuration, document schemas, and metadata structuring - 4 hours
  • Introduction to end-user training - 2 hours
  • Introduction to a specific features, like workflow or SmartSoft Capture – 2 hours

Advanced training package

This is a 16-hour package for customers who want extra training for their implementation.  The extra time is recommended if there will be intensive use of workflow, if many optional features have been purchased, or there are advanced document scanning and imaging processes involved. This package is good for one year after the time of purchase and must be consumed. The Advanced Training Package is very flexible, and each customer’s needs for their document management solution will be fully incorporated and agreed on before training commences. A sample curriculum might be:

  • Training on System and Library Administration including user rights configuration, document schemas, and metadata structuring - 4 hours.
  • Training session on "best practices" and file structure "best practices" in document management (how to set up and configure your library). - 2 hours.
  • End-User “train the trainer” – 2 hours
  • Introduction to document scanning and imaging - an overview of the included scanning software with assistance in basic set up - 2 hours.
  • Advanced scanning and imaging set up and support including assistance creating bar code separator and auto filing processes - 2 sessions X 1 hours each.
  • Additional support for features such as Courier, Print to FileHold, FastFind, etc. -3 hours

Additional hourly training

Often, FileHold customers ask for a little extra help to get more expertise with their deployment and master some features – whether learning a new feature or going a little beyond the FileHold Fundamentals, hourly training can be purchased at any time to build the skills and confidence to utilize FileHold to the fullest potential. Topics can include:

  • More complicated Workflows
  • Courier
  • Print to FileHold
  • Click-to-Tag
  • Custom Document and Version control numbers
  • FastFind
  • Watched folders
  • Document Viewer 2 - assembly and mark-up
  • In-depth review of challenges with SmartSoft Capture - poor quality source docs, bar codes, using DB lookup

Beyond basic installation and training – The Professional Services team

For customers who want to go even further and set up a very advanced system, FileHold has a Professional Services (PS) team.  Some activities that might be contracted to this team include:

  • Migration – moving documents from a legacy system, from a fileshare, from SharePoint or some other DMS.  FileHold has deep expertise in migrating those document including metadata into a structured FileHold system.
  • Database Integrations – FileHold can connect to other software’s back-end database to lookup and import metadata. This process can benefit from the technical knowledge of the PS team to assist in making these connections happen, and teaching how to create these for future reference.
  • High volume Scanning – If there are plans to convert a large volume of physical documents into electronic ones either by using in-house resources or a scanning bureau, FileHold PS can help.
  • Integration – If there is a need to integrate with another system FileHold has both “out of the box” and custom solutions our PS team can deliver.
  • The API – FileHold has a fully documented API that is available at no charge if a customer wants to use it themselves. The FileHold PS team can be contracted to deploy API for custom projects. both services are available.
  • Active Directory – This is an optional module that sometimes needs to be deployed/configured in a unique way – FileHold PS can help.
  • The FileHold Forms Portal – Still in preview mode this portal allows anyone outside of FileHold to check out, complete, and submit forms directly into a workflow process.

For more information use the general information form and tell us how many users you are considering and any of the optional modules that are of interest.

Packaged installation and training keeps the total cost of ownership (TCO) low

The standard implementation packages guarantee a successful installation and user training. The software will be delivered and installed using proven remote installation services via Web conferencing software. Professional technicians work remotely with your IT administrators, document librarians and users to install the server software and conduct training as needed.

The remote installation technology has been proven with over 50,000 user installs and is secure. This is a secure way of working with the document management software and leaves you in control at all times. This approach has been proven with 100% of our customers.

The advantages of this software implementation methodology are both cost and time savings:

  • No travel time or costs are incurred
  • Schedules can be changed on fairly short notice - flexible
  • The very short times that IT staff can dedicate to a single project can be accommodated
  • The entire work day is available to find the best time
  • Multiple people at different locations can be accommodated at the same time
  • Training can be in delivered in manageable pieces to allow implementations to occur at a fast or slow pace, depending on your requirements