Viewing the Sign Off Sheet

The Sign-Off Sheet is a record of the electronic signatures on the document. In the Sign-Off Sheet, you are able to view the list of participants that have either approved, not approved, or postponed approval of the workflow document, when it was signed off, and if they have signed it off on behalf of someone else. If the status is “Voided” this means that the task was reserved and completed by another participant.

The sign-off sheet includes “Adobe Sign” as a signer where an external signature has been completed. The “Adobe Sign” name is linked to the External signing report. Click the link to go to the report.

The sign off sheet can be viewed from the:

  • Folder list
  • Search results
  • Workflow status report > Show Documents link
  • Version History
  • My Tasks > Show Documents link

Approval statuses include:

  • Approved – The approval task was completed.
  • Cancelled – The workflow has been cancelled.
  • Overridden – The workflow task has been ignored and no action is taken. The workflow completed or moved on to the next activity in the workflow.
  • Voided – The task was reserved and completed by another participant. The task was removed and voided from all other participants.
  • Sent – Agreements have been sent out for signature via Adobe Sign.
  • Signed – Agreements have been signed in Adobe Sign.

To view the sign off sheet

  1. In the FDA, right-click on the document and select Workflow > View Sign-Off Sheet.
  • In the Web Client, click the down arrow on the document name and select Sign Off Sheet.
  1. The Sign-Off Sheet pane appears below. Click X to close the pane.

View workflow sign off sheet