Review and approval history for documents

The document review and approval history is essentially a snapshot of the workflow status report but only for the selected document. You can view the workflow name, initiator, number of main documents, completion status plus all the activity information such as participant name, comments, attachments, status and so on.

The document review and approval history can also be exported (CSV or HTML) or printed from the FDA.

To view the workflow history

  1. From the My Tasks or Workflow Status Report, click Show Documents. The “Documents associated with <workflow template name>” pane opens.
  2. Right-click on a document and select Workflow > View Review and Approval History.
  • In the Web Client, click on the arrow next to the document name and select Review and Approval History.
  1. The Document Review and Approval History is displayed. To print (FDA Only) an exact match of what is displayed on the screen, click Print.
  2. To export the history, click Export and select an option. When exporting the report, you can choose to export only the workflow or you can include both the workflows and the tasks. The report can be exported to CSV or HTML. Note that for the HTML report, the workflow must be expanded in the Workflow Status Report results to print the tasks. In other words, the HTML report will be exported to look exactly how it appears on the screen.
  3. To return to the previous screen, click Back to Folder.
Review and approval history