My Tasks List - Viewing Workflow Tasks

A list of all workflow tasks assigned to a specific user is accessible to them through the document management system by selecting Review and Approvals > My Tasks from the My FileHold area.

My Tasks list

There are three types of activities supported by the FileHold: the document approval activity, the send for external signature activity, and the document review activity. The My Tasks list shows all active review or approval tasks assigned or delegated to the user. Previously completed or canceled tasks do not appear in the list. Once a workflow is initiated, an email will be sent to the user (if configured) notifying them of a workflow task. The selected task on the My Tasks list remains selected until the list is refreshed and the selected task is no longer in the list.

The My Workflow Tasks list can be filtered by workflow template name.

My Tasks list - assigned tasks

When reviewing or approving documents, a new interface (FileHold 16.2) can be used for a more clean and friendly experience that provides more workflow details to the user. For example, task details, activity title, and previous workflow activities, comments, and actions can be seen on the same screen. Alternatively, the old interface can still be used. The user may be prompted to choose the interface type, depending on administrator settings. The option to use the old or new interface can be selected in the My Tasks screen. See Workflow Settings for more information.

My tasks list switch between old and new UI

From the My Tasks list, you can:

  • Submit a review or approval.
  • Send a document for signature with Adobe Sign.
  • Cancel the workflow.
  • Delegate a task to another user.
  • Reserve or undo a reservation for a task. Tasks that can be reserved are marked with an asterisk *.
  • See the documents that are a part of the workflow (Show Documents link).
  • Get a local copy of the document under review or approval (in the “Documents associated with workflow name” pane).
  • View the Status Report for the task (View Workflows).
  • Check out a document (in the “Documents associated with workflow name” pane).
  • Disable the automatic refresh of the list