External signing report

The External signing report displays a list of Adobe Acrobat Sign transmissions. The columns can be added or removed, resized, reordered, grouped, and filtered. The view settings can be saved and exported to a CSV, XLSX, or PDF format.

From this report, items such as the agreement name, status, send date, sender, workflow status, and workflow name are displayed. Users will see only the transmissions that they have sent with the exception of administrators.

The agreement status can be manually reconciled with Adobe Acrobat Sign in the event that the signature process has completed and not returned to FileHold.

The report is accessible through the “Adobe Sign” participant link in the workflow status report, the Sign off sheet, or via the Web Client > Full Administration Panel > Workflow management > External signing report.

The following columns are available for display:

Field Name Description
Agreement name

The name of the workflow. This is hyperlinked to the signer and their instructions plus any changes made by the author.

In the Agreement details window, the external signature details are displayed.

The Adobe Acrobat Sign document history can be downloaded as a PDF document through the Agreement ID link or the Adobe audit history link.

Workflow instance guid The unique FileHold workflow ID.


The status of the signed document. These come from Adobe Acrobat Sign:

  • Signed
  • Authoring - An author is preparing the document to be sent out for signature.
  • Out for signature
  • Aborted – The task was overridden
Send date The date the agreement was sent for signature.
Sign date The date the agreement was signed in Adobe Acrobat Sign.
Sender The name of the user who send the agreement to be signed.
Workflow status

Current status of the Workflow.

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Sent
  • Cancelled
  • Restarted
Agreement ID The unique Adobe Acrobat Sign ID.
Workflow name The name of the workflow. This is hyperlinked to the Workflow Status Report.
Workflow template name The name of the workflow template being used.

Reconciling an agreement

In the event that the e-signature process was completed but has not been returned to FileHold, agreements can be reconciled manually to complete the action. This will change the status from blank to "Signed", if the e-signature process has been completed on the Adobe Acrobat Sign side.

To reconcile an agreement

  1. In the External signing report, click Reconcile.
  2. The status of any completed e-signatures are updated to "Signed".


How to manipulate the External Signing report view

The list can be modified to add or remove columns, resize or change the order of the columns, sort ascending or descending, filter the results, and save these different views. The displayed information can be exported out of the system in order to do further analysis on the external signatures.



Sort ascending/descending

Click on the column header to sort ascending or descending.

Alternatively, click Column header menu icon in the column header and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

An up or down arrow shows in the column header indicating the sort order.

Add or remove columns

Click Column header menu icon in the column header and select Columns. Select the check boxes for the columns to be displayed. Clear the check boxes to remove the header.

Resize columns

Hover the cursor between the column headers to resize a column.

Resize column header icon


Click Column header menu icon in the column header and select Filter. Select the filter options and click Filter. The filter options available depend on what type of column is selected.

A white filter icon Column filter indicator is shown in the header if the column is being filtered.

To clear the filter, go to Filter and click Clear.

Multi-select users for mass edit

Use Shift or Ctrl keys on your keyboard.

Change column position

Drag and drop columns to the desired position.

Group by a column

Drag and drop a column header to top blue bar that says “Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column”.

To remove the grouping, click the X next to the header name in the blue bar.

Group by column in report

Save view settings

If the view is modified, the view can be saved for reuse. Click Settings > Save. Enter a view name and click OK.

To use a saved view, go to Settings > Saved Settings > <view name>.

To delete a saved view, go to Settings > Saved Settings > <view name > Delete.

To restore to the default view, go to Settings > Restore system default settings.

Save report view settings

Scroll through pages

In the bottom left corner, use the scroll settings to:

  • Go to first page
  • Go to previous page
  • Go to next page
  • Go to last page

Adjust the number of items per page: 15, 30, 60

Page manipulation on report page

Refresh screen

Click Refresh in the bottom right corner.

Refresh report icon


Exporting the External signing report view

The External signing report can be exported out to a PDF, Excel, or CSV file. Use the filters in the column headers to filter the list, sort ascending or descending, reposition columns, or group information.

To export the External signing report

  1. Use the filters in the column headers, move column position, sort order, and grouping to manipulate the users list. All users in the list are exported in the displayed view.
  2. Click Export and select one of the options: PDF, Excel, or CSV.
  3. Depending on your browser, you are prompted to open or save the file.