Adobe Sign settings configuration

Adobe Sign can be configured as a part of a FileHold workflow activity. When one or more documents, such as a contract, needs to be signed, they are sent to Adobe Sign from a FileHold workflow task. The documents can be sent to Adobe Sign with multiple recipients including internal and external signers, and CC'd users. A message and an expiration date for the signature can be included in the Adobe agreement. The sender has the opportunity to correct any errors in the signing fields from the Adobe Sign authoring area prior to sending the document. This feature is dependent on the customer contracting directly with Adobe for their e-signature services.

Once the document has been sent to Adobe Sign, Adobe will send an email notification with a link to Adobe Document Cloud / eSign Services to the recipients. Once the contract is signed, Adobe will automatically send the signed documents to the FileHold server. These signed documents will be checked in as new versions of the originals. The workflow task is automatically completed once the signature is received so there are no additional steps for the sender.

Adobe Sign is now controlled by a license option “Digital Signature”. If this option is not enabled, then Adobe Sign is not available for use. The message “The external signature feature is a license option. Contact [email protected] to enable this feature” appears if configuration is attempted.

The ability to communicate over https is required for Adobe Sign.

To configure the external signature settings

  1. In the Administration Panel, go to Library Configuration > Settings > Workflow.
  2. Under the Workflow permissions area, select the Enable external signature check box and click Configure.
  3. In the Provider tab, click Authenticate. Note that a contract with Adobe needs to be purchased in order to use the Adobe Sign feature.
  4. Sign into your Adobe Sign administrator account and click Allow Access. You are returned to FileHold.
  5. In the Options tab, enter the number of days a system administrator will be notified prior to their authentication with Adobe Sign expires. Adobe Sign authorization has a limited life span. If it does not get used before this lifetime, the system administrator will need to complete the authorization again. FileHold monitors this time and sends a notification so many days prior to expiration. The expiration date is displayed.
  6. Click Save Settings. The message “The changes have been saved” displays.
  7. Create workflow templates with External signature activities as part of the workflow.

When a user is signing a document, they are identified in Adobe Sign using their email address. Make sure that every user who will send documents to Adobe Sign is a user in your Adobe Sign account with rights to send agreements.