External signature provider communication log

The digital signature log tracks the communication between FileHold and the external signature provider (ESP). The following requests are logged:

  • Requests from the Library Manager to the ESP's API,
  • Requests from the Library Manager to the FileHold authentication server for the ESP such as adoberequest.filehold.com or docusignrequest.filehold.com,
  • Callbacks and webhook calls from the ESP.

You will typically only need to enabled this log when requested by a FileCare technician.

To enable the log

  1. Naviagate to C:\Program Files\FileHold Systems\Application Server\LibraryManager.
  2. Open the web.config file using an editor such as Notepad.
  3. In the <appSettings> section, enter the following and save the file.
<add key="EnableDigitalSignatureLog" value="true" />


To access the log

Logs are stored in the DigitalSignatureLog table in the library manager database. Typically DigitalSignatureLog.dbo.ch_librarymanager.