Viewing files in transfer from the Inbox to the library

If you are moving a bulk load of files into the system, you can view the files that are in transfer into the library. This is helpful when you want to see how the file transfer is progressing, or if you need to pause or cancel a transfer. You can only see the transfers that are local to your computer and login. You will not be able to see the files other users are transferring into the library.

In the View Files in Transfer window, you can pause, resume, cancel, or clear completed and cancelled transfers into the system. You can also view only those files that are being sent into the Library at the current time.

View all files in transfer - FDA

To view all files in transfer

  1. In the FDA, go to View > All Files in Transfer. The following table describes the functions in the All Files in Transfer View:




Puts a hold on the transfer of a document.


Removes a pause on a document so it can be transferred into the Library.


Cancels a document from being transferred into the Library.

Clear Completed and Cancelled

Removes all completed and cancelled transfers from the view.

Include "coming from" library

When enabled, all documents being sent to the library and downloaded from the library are shown. If disabled, only the documents that are or will be sent to the library are shown.

Status: Pending Shows all documents that pending to be sent to the library with a status of “Scheduled to Send” when enabled.
Status: Completed Shows all documents that have been sent successfully into the library with a status of “Completed” when enabled.
Status: Error Shows any errors that occurred while sending documents into the library with the status of “Failed” when enabled. TIP: Hover over the “Failed” status to see why the document failed to be sent to the library.