Selecting values for database dropdown menu fields

Database managed dropdown menus are used in situations where values for the menu are stored and managed outside of FileHold. For example, a list of clients can be displayed as a drop-down menu that is dynamically populated from a central list of customers taken from an existing CRM system.

When the list retrieved from the database is presented to the user in the drop-down list, only the first 100 items are displayed in the FDA and the first 25 items in the Web Client. As the user scrolls through the list or starting typing the value, more values are loaded into the view but is limited to viewing 100 (FDA) or 25 (Web Client) values at a time.

When configuring database dropdown menus, up to four “search by” fields can be set to help users choose the correct value from the list. Often the single lookup value is not sufficiently descriptive so selecting the correct value from the list can be difficult due to having similar names, long names or numbering. “Search by” fields help simplify the selection process. Once the “search by” fields are configured, the end user has the ability to click the “search” button in the metadata pane. In the search by window, the user has ability to view the search by information, and filter and sort the data in order to select the correct value from the list. For example, when putting employee information into the system, the lookup is done on the unique employee number field. However, remembering the employee number for each employee is not practical. Using this solution, the user can see the employee’s first and last name, title, department and so on to ensure the correct employee number is selected.

Search by metadata - Metadata pane FDA

Read more information on setting up database drop-down lists.

To enter metadata using database drop-down lists

  1. In the metadata pane, enter or select the value for the database drop-down list metadata fields. You can start typing the value, manually scroll through the list, or scroll using the mouse wheel or track pad gesture. There can be up to five database drop-down lists configured in a schema.
  1. If the “Search by” feature is configured, click the Search button
    Search by metadata icon
     to display a table with related database information. The table can be sorted and filtered in order to select the correct value from the list. See How to manipulate the Batch Job report View for information on how to manipulate the table view.
  2. Enter values in any other required metadata fields or modify any of the values that were retrieved.
  3. Click Add or Save.