Offline Documents

An offline document is something that cannot be stored in the document management system such as a map, book, or blueprints. An offline document can also point to documents that are not yet in electronic form such as a location of a folder in a filing cabinet in a historical records room. An offline document can also be used just for the purpose of maintaining its metadata. These sorts of documents are often used as general purpose placeholders in the system.

Just like normal documents, you will need to create a schema for offline documents. The schema can contain metadata like any other. If it is referring to a physical document the metadata will typically include the storage location for the physical document. 

Offline documents are fully tracked in the system as for any other document, so you can see who has taken action on the document like removing it from its physical location.

Offline documents can be:

Adding Offline Documents

  1. Do one of the following:

  • From a folder location or the Inbox in the FDA, go to File > Add Offline Document or press CTRL+SHIFT+O.

  • In the Web Client, select a folder and click Add File to Folder or use the Add Document Wizard.

  1. In the metadata pane, select the Offline Document Schema name. See how to create an offline document schema.

  2. Fill out the required metadata fields and click Add.

  3. Set a destination folder if adding the Offline document from the Inbox.


If you want to be able to perform conversions between document formats you will need to enable the appropriate permissions.

Searching for Offline Documents

When looking for your offline documents, you can search using the Advanced Search features and search by the offline document schema document type and metadata fields or by using the Special Fields > Document Format option.

Search by Offline Document Format


Search offline document schema type