Manually archiving and unarchiving documents

The Library Archive is the area in FileHold where documents that are no longer in use, but still need to be kept for historical record purposes, are kept. The advantages of archiving is that it keeps your current documents in the Library and search results uncluttered with old or obsolete information. Once documents are in the Library Archive, they can still be searched using the Include archive in search check box under the Advanced Search area.

Library archive

Documents can be archived using two methods:

  • Manually archiving which is explained on this help page. You may need to enable event functionality in Web Client > Administration Panel > System Configuration > General > Settings Permission Settings area. Enable the setting "Enable manually archiving documents" and, if needed, "Enable manually unarchiving documents"

  • Using a scheduled event to automatically archive documents.

Users with a cabinet administrator role or higher can move electronic documents manually from the library into the library archive. Cabinet and library administrators must be the owners of the cabinets in the library archive area in order to move documents in and out of the archive.

There are very limited operations that can be performed on archived documents. Documents that have been placed in the library archive section can be:

  • Left in the library archive indefinitely.

  • Deleted from the library archive using an Events Schedule.

  • Moved back into the Library manually should the need arise.

  • View or get a copy.

  • Search using an advanced search

When documents are sent to the library archive, the cabinet/drawer/folder group/folder structures is automatically duplicated. There is no need to recreate the structure. The security settings at the cabinet and folder levels are also maintained. Documents in the library archive are identified by a purple dot icon Archived document - purple dot icon.

The ability to browse the contents of specific drawers can be prevented. This can be done via an API call or modifying a setting in the database. If browsing a drawer is blocked in the library, browsing the drawer in the library archive is also blocked. See your system administrator for details.

To send a document, cabinet, drawer, folder group or folder into the library archive

  1. Do one of the following:

  • Right-click on a folder and select Archive Folder.

  • Right-click on one or more documents and select Send to > Library Archive.

  1. The documents and/or folders are sent to the document Archive and the cabinet/drawer/folder group/folder structure is copied as well.

To move archived items back to the library

  1. In the Library Archive, select the document(s) and select Copy or Move.

  2. Select the Move files to a new location in the Library option and click Next.

  3. Select the destination in the Library for the documents or folder and click OK.

  4. At the alert message click OK. The documents and/or folder are moved back to the Library into their original location.