How to access FileHold

You are able to access the FileHold software in many ways:

Access to files can be gained through any of the methods by users with a valid FileHold account, access via an anonymous portal, or via a Courier transmission link.

Connections to the server, from any client, can happen over a LAN, WAN, an Intranet or the Internet. Only a browser is needed for using the web client, mobile FileHold, Courier, or via Sharepoint. The FDA and Office integration require a software installation on a Windows workstation.

The web client and the FDA interface are very similar. You can use either to access the document Library, but one or the other may be better or mandatory for certain operations. For example, the web client is faster to log in, but the FDA user interface is more responsive for certain things like entering search criteria. See a list of differences between the Web Client and FDA.

If you are experiencing issues with the FDA, see FileHold Desktop Application Troubleshooting and Microsoft Office Integration Troubleshooting.