FileHold viewers level 1 and 2 – Highlight search results

FileHold can display the search terms highlighted within searchable documents. Searches can be conducted from the FileHold library or using the Search pane directly in the FileHold viewer. Search results are highlighted in green.

In the Search pane, whole word and case-sensitive options are available. Searches can be done in current page only or in the entire document.

The Search feature is available in both level 1 and 2 viewers.

FileHold viewer - Search

To highlight results in documents from library searches

  1. Execute a simple, advanced, or saved search.
  2. In the search results, right-click and select Open in FileHold viewer.
  3. The FileHold viewer opens with the search terms highlighted and the Search pane. Scroll through the search results using the Search pane in the viewer.

To search in the FileHold viewer

  1. In the FileHold viewer, select the Search icon FileHold viewer - Search icon.
  2. Enter the search term.
  3. Select any of the following options:
  • Whole word – Disabled by default.
  • Case sensitive – Disabled by default.
  • Any word – Disabled by default.
  • Current page – Searches through the current page only.
  • Whole document  – Searches through the whole document. This is the default setting.
  1. Click Search. The search terms are highlighted.