Full text search options compatibility

A full text search always starts with a Contains in FTS operator, but that still leaves open a variety of options for forming a query for the full text search engine. These options include a number of full text query operators, connectors and modifiers that vary depending on whether or not the boolean option is checked or not or the search type is "Raw query".

Contains in DB works with the database and not the full text search index. The options for this operator are different than for Contains in FTS.

Operator or modifier Description Basic FTS query Boolean or raw FTS query
- (minus) Logical NOT X  
not Logical NOT   X
or Logical OR X X
and Logical AND   X
"" (double quotes) Exact phrase X X
w/N Forward proximity   X
pre/N Reverse proximity   X
:: (double colon) Field contains   X1
contains Field contains   X1
to Dynamic field end point connector   X
andany Mandatory and optional word connector   X
? (question mark) Single character match wildcard X X
* (asterisk) Multiple character match wildcard X X
Single number match wildcard X X
% (percent) Fuzzy content modifier X X
# (hash) Phonic search prefix X X
~ (tilde) Stemming modifier X X
& (ampersand) Synonym search modifier X X
~~ (double tilde) Numeric range connector X X
: (colon) Variable term weighting X X
## (double hash) Regular express prefix X X
xfirstword Beginning of file proximity anchor   X
xlastword End of file proximity anchor   X
xfilter File condition function   X


1 Field contains operations are not possible for File only or Metadata only searches as those search types are already searching inside a field.