Entering Metadata Using Database Lookups

Metadata information can be automatically populated into many metadata fields based on a single metadata “look up” value that comes from a database such as an accounting database or an ERP system.

If the administrator has configured the schema to use database lookups, you will see a Lookup button in the Metadata pane. Clicking this button after entering or selecting the value from the configured database drop down list metadata field retrieves any mapped values from the database into the remaining metadata field values of the schema. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to index a document with metadata.

When the list retrieved from the database is presented to the user in the drop down list, only the first 100 items will be displayed in the FDA and the first 25 items in the Web Client. As the user scrolls through the list or starting typing the value, more values will be loaded into the view but is limited to viewing 100 (FDA) or 25 (Web Client) values at a time.

If there are any blank required fields after the lookup is performed, you will need to enter those manually. The values of any read-only or automatically tagged fields are not affected by the database lookup.

The Lookup button in the metadata pane is shown when adding a single document or when editing the metadata of a single document. You cannot do database lookups for several documents at once from the Inbox; look ups have to be done one document at a time.

Read how to create database drop down list metadata fields or setting the database lookup on a schema.

To enter metadata using database lookups

  1. Do one of the following:
  • Add a single document to the document management system.
  • Select a single document in the Inbox.
  • Edit the metadata of a document in the library.
  1. Select the Document Schema.
  2. Enter or select the value for the database drop down list metadata field that is configured to do the lookups.
  • If you enter a value in the wrong metadata field, you will receive an error message “Missing value for <metadata field name>”.
  1. Click Lookup. All of the metadata fields that are configured will pull in the values from the database.

Lookup button - entering metadata

  1. Enter values in any other required metadata fields or modify any of the values that were retrieved.
  2. Click Add or Save.