(Legacy feature) Checkview tool in the Brava viewer

IMPORTANT: This document describes an optional FileHold feature that is no longer available. It is retained for existing users only. See the FileHold Viewer for the latest viewing technology.

Checkviews are markup entities designed to focus the attention of a reviewer towards particular areas of content of a document or drawing.

They are meant to be a collaborative markup element where a user will author a markup file and place Checkviews at various positions within the document. A reviewer will then load the same (or similar) document and open the markup for review, using the Checkview panel to step through and verify each Checkview tag. The reviewer will be able to post a reply associated with each Checkview tag and can assign a state of Ok, Not Ok, or unchecked.

Brava viewer checkview tool

This tool is intended to provide greater efficiency by allowing users to repeatedly review certain points on a set of similar document in a stepwise fashion and indicate whether the reviewed content is complete or incomplete (pass or fail). Once review is complete, record can be made that this check has been performed. The workflow is similar to the following:

  1. A markup author places a Checkview entity on an area of a  document and can optionally create a template to be used on like documents.
  2. The author enters instruction text to tell the reviewer what to check.
  3. The markup reviewer navigates through the Checkviews and indicates Ok or Not ok. He can optionally add a reply comment if the content is incomplete.

As an example, if a bank employs operators whose main task is to review similar documents to verify they are all signed properly, great throughput is desirable. A Checkview markup (as a template) is created for a class of documents (authored). Each time a document of this type is viewed, the markup is loaded in the review template. The operator is automatically navigated to the first Checkview location for review. If he indicates "Ok" (this area being reviewed looks good and is signed properly), Brava advances to the next Checkview to be reviewed. If "Not Ok" is selected, he is given the option to add a comment and state what is incomplete, or he can advance to the next Checkview.

For more information of the checkview tool, see the Help in the Brava viewer.