Alert preferences

You can set alert preferences so that you are notified when a change occurs to a document, folder, or reminders. You can view alerts in My FileHold > Document Alerts or Document Reminders and/or receive an email alert, if you system has been configured. In order to receive an alert, you must have set an alert on a document or folder.

The alert preferences allow you to determine which type of change you want to be notified of, such as a document addition, change to metadata, when a file is checked in, and reminder notification settings. When sending the email for a document reminder or alert is activated, you can set the email frequency to send immediately or send a daily summary.

Users can also be notified via email and alerts of specific date based events call user defined events. For example, policies must be updated or reinstated at least once every three years. The policy team would like to review the documents 60 days before the three year anniversary. The event can be set up so that every three years, the owner of the policy will be notified 60 days prior to the policy expiry date. User defined events are set on the document schema by the Library Administrator.

Some, none, or all of these settings may be determined and/or enforced by your System Administrator.

To set alert preferences

  1. Do one of the following:
  •     In FDA, go to File > Preferences and Settings > Alert Preferences.
  •     In Web Client, right-click on My FileHold and select Alert Preferences.
  •     In the Web Client, go to Administration Panel > My FileHold > Alert Preferences.
  1. In the My Alert Setting window, select the following Folder Notification Preferences:

  • New documents/versions are added to folders I have subscribed to.

  • Documents are transferred to folders I have subscribed to.

  • Documents are deleted from folders I have subscribed to.

  1. Select the following File Notification Preferences:

  • A new version of a document I have subscribed to is checked-in.

  • Metadata values are updated for a document I have subscribed to.

  1. In the Email Notification Preferences, enter the email address that the alert should be emailed to.

  2. In the Alerts area, select the check box if you wish to receive an email in addition to displaying alerts in the My FileHold > Document Alerts area.

  3. Select an Email Alert Frequency:

  • Send email immediately – Sends the email as soon as the change is made.

  • Send a daily summary – Sends the email once per day with a summary of all the alerts.

  • Send a weekly summary – Sends the email once per week with a summary of all the alerts.

  1. In the Reminders area, select the check box if you want an email sent when a document reminder is activated.

  2. Select the Email Reminder Frequency:

  • Send email immediately.

  • Send a daily summary.

  1. Click OK.