IIS Redirect to simplify the WebClient Login URL

FileHold Software receives this question periodically on IIS redirection as customers sometimes want to simplify the login URL for the FileHold Web Client.

"We are starting to roll out FileHold company wide. Our current FileHold URL is


I was wondering if you have instructions so I can configure filehold.ourdomainname.com to redirect to


I understand I need to configure DNS properly, filehold.ourdomainname.com to point to the proper IP address for the FileHold Web Server. I know we can perform a redirect in IIS, but I do not know if this would cause any problems within your software or if you have another way to get it working.

Ultimately, I would like all Web Client users to go to filehold.ourdomainname.com and have them be directed to the actual login screen. I cannot require my users to remember the long URL. Bookmarks are okay for about 80% of the users, but when they travel or are one other workstations without the bookmark this will cause problems. With the Desktop Client, the FileHold URL is configured for the connection URL so that is not an issue."

Here is a short guide on how to configure HTTP redirection in IIS 7.X. FileHold does not provide information for editing your internal DNS or your external DNS if this site is going to be accessible externally.

Most FileHold customers use the Desktop Client for most of their users which has the connection URL defined within settings and can be deployed by MS System Management Center, Group Policy deployment or using 3rd party deployment tools like Kaseya etc. The FileHold Desktop Client provides functionality not possible in a standard web browser.

  1. Add Redirect feature to IIS via Server Manager

    Choose IIS and click on Add Role Services and make sure you check HTTP Redirection


    Let the feature be installed and configured.

    Now you will see the HTTP Redirect option in the Features View of IIS.

    • If you want a virtual directory or a site in IIS7.x to redirect to another url you first have to make sure you have installed http redirect for IIS.
    • To do that go to Control Panel > Program and Features and select Turn Windows features on or off.

  1. Click on Default Web Site node and then configure the HTTP redirection setting which brings up the below screen.

HTTp Redirect

  1. Fill in destination path and configure Redirect behavior as per your own fully qualified server name (FQDN) and full login path like the example screenshot below.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. Restart WWW Service.
  4. Now to test the configuration change to IIS. Now type in your default website address. 
  5. And IIS should redirect you to the Filehold login page.