Direct Access for Single Sign On with a Browser

FileHold can be configured to use Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to provide a single sign on solution for the document management system. When a user goes to the login page they can click the Logon with Windows Authentication link to bypass entering a password.

TIP: The client and FileHold server must both be members of the same domain for IWA to work correctly.

login screen

It is possible to simplify this login even further for users that will always use Windows authentication by connecting with the following link.


For example, if your server is configured for using HTTPS and your server name is filehold.example.com the URL for a direct connection would be as follows.


The address is slightly more complex for installations where the web client server and application server are installed on different machines. In this case the address of the application server and for the web client server must be specified.


For example, if your application server is configured for using HTTPS and its name is fileholdas.example.com and the web client server is configured for using HTTP and its name is fileholdwc.example.com, the URL for a direct connection would be as follows.