Creating a report with FileHold URLs

Here is a method to export a list of documents out of FileHold into a CSV file with a clickable FileHold URL in the report.  Using the attached Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet, follow the instructions below to create the report.

To create a FileHold URL report

  1. Using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet below, copy any FileHold URL to the green cell in the Url Setup tab. You can get this URL from any document in the metadata pane.

  2. Create a search view that contains the FileHold Id and the metadata fields you would like. You can modify the view to add the FileHold ID using the View Preferences. Note that in the example, the FileHold Id comes after the Relevance column. If the column order changes the formulas must change in the spreadsheet.

  3. Export the search results grid to CSV. Note that the CSV will only contain the number of documents on a page. You can increase the number of document per page in the View Preferences if needed.

  4. Open the CSV in Microsoft Excel. The import wizard should be set to use a comma as a delimiter. The column types should be changed to text for most fields including the FileHold Id.

  5. Copy the imported records to the Data tab in the workbook. The resulting FileHold URL report is on the Document List tab.