Full text search - Wildcard search limitation setting

When a wildcard search (*) is performed in conjunction with the “contains” operator using a common term in the repository there may be a very large number of intermediate search results that must be processed. In this release we have added a parameter where a limitation can be set on the number of results returned when a search like this has been performed. Previously limits could only be set on the final number of results. Care should be taken not to set a value that makes any typical searches impractical. For most users this value does not need to be changed from the default which returns all specified results that can be found before the full text search timeout expires.

The entry in the web config file in C:\Program Files\FileHold Systems\Application Server\FullTextSearch is under <appSettings>:

add key="LimitNumberOfEntriesToReturn" value="0" 

If the value is set to 0, then the limitation is disabled. It is disabled by default.

If a wildcard full text search exceeds the limit set in the web config file then a message is displayed:

“Your search with the CONTAINS operator would consume more server resources than allowed by your system administrator. Consider narrowing your search conditions to reduce the possible results. Your search would have returned {x} documents and your system administrator has set a limit of {x} documents.”