Full text search - Wildcard search limitation setting

Search results are limited by configuration. The default maximum results is 5000 documents. However, full text search results go through a secondary processing phase where permissions and other non-full-text-search criteria are applied before the search results maximum is applied. If a user searches on a common word or words or uses wildcards in a way that would return a large number of results, this secondary processing step can be artificially expensive.

For example, a search for your own company name may naturally match a large number of documents in your repository. If you have ten million documents, perhaps there could be hundreds of thousands of intermediate results. If the user added the criteria of documents they personally created, the final result might only have hundreds of documents; well under the 5000 maximum search results. The problem may be the cost of getting to those hundreds of documents might have a significant negative impact on performance for a few mintues for all users depending on the processing power of your system and the number of active users. 

Ideally the user would have formed a more effective full text query, but if it is not practical to train users how to do this, or the users are outside of your control, you have another control mechanism. You can limit the number of entries that will be given to the secondary processing phase of the search. When you impose this limit, users will get a message that indicates their query results are outside of the range practical for the system to process.

Your search with the Contains in FTS operator would consume more server resources than allowed by the system administrator. Update your full text search query to narrow the possible results. The full text portion of your search would have returned 10156672 documents and your system administrator has set a limit of 100000 documents.

For most customers there is no need to impose this limit. Care should be taken not to set a value that makes any typical searches impractical.

The entry in the web config file in C:\Program Files\FileHold Systems\Application Server\FullTextSearch is under <appSettings>:

add key="LimitNumberOfEntriesToReturn" value="0" 

If the value is set to 0, then the limitation is disabled. It is disabled by default.