User self-registration

System Administrators can allow users to self-register an account in the FileHold system. This allows users to register themselves in FileHold for an initial period of time. These users can enter their full name, user name, and other contact details (which is optional). Unlike regularly registered users, self-registered users are placed into a temporary area where they are assigned to a group that has no permissions or rights. The administrator re-assigns these users to a group that provides them with the access they need. Self-registered users are considered locally managed users and are managed as such after they have created an account.

The following are reasons for allowing self-registered accounts:

  • The system is being deployed for the general public and user registration needs to be self-serve.

  • The system is being used by an organization that does not have or plan to use Active Directory to manage the users. This provides access while limiting administrator burden to create user accounts.

  • The system is occasionally accessed by casual users who may only logon a few times per year. On-demand access can be provided for these users who may spontaneously decide to access the system.

You will need to assign self-registered users to a group. This will control what the user has access to in the system. Groups, permissions, and roles can be modified by the System and Library Administrators once the user has registered.

Once you have enabled self-registration, a Register button will appear on the main log in page of the FileHold web client.

To set up self-registered users

  1. Go to Administration Panel > System Management > User Management > Groups.

  2. Create a new group for the self-registered users.

  3. Go to Administration Panel > System Configuration> Security > Self-Registration.

  4. Select the Allow User Self-Registration check box.

  5. Select the FileHold Group to apply to the self-registered user.

  6. Click Update. A Register button will be visible on the logon page of the Web Client. You cannot self-register from the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA).

Self-registration login page

To register as a user

  1. In the Web Client, click on the Register button. The User Self Registration page opens.

  2. Complete all required fields and click OK .
    You will be automatically logged onto the Library with the access rights of the default group to which they were assigned.