Setting the Outbound Email Settings - SMTP

Setting the outbound email settings allows administrators to be notified of potential issues and users to receive alerts, reminders and workflow tasks via email. FileHold requires access to your SMTP server which is part of an Email server. FileHold uses the SMTP port / service to relay messages. Setting the outbound email settings allows user to receive alerts and reminders on folders and documents via email. Alert settings for users can be set in File > Preferences & Settings > Alert Preferences from the FileHold Desktop Application.

You may need to create an email account on your email server in order for FileHold to use this feature.

NOTE: SMTP ports are generally assigned to port 25. Please check with your email server, internal firewall and network System Administrator for more details.

To set the outbound email settings

  1. In Web Client, go to Administration > Full Administration Menu > System Configuration > Settings > General.
  2. In the Outbound Email Settings area, enter the Reply-to email address. This is the email account that FileHold uses to send outbound emails. This name has to be in the format of an email address such as filehold_alerts@yourcompanyname.com. Your email administrators may need to create an email account for this if your email server requires authentication.
  3. Enter the outgoing SMTP server address. Please check with your email administrator for this address.
  4. Enter the SMTP server port number. The default is 25. Please check with your email server, internal firewall and network system administrator(s) for more details.
  5. Select the SMTP Server Requires Authentication check box, if applicable. This is the username and password created for on the email server to use to send out alerts.
  6. Enter the username for the server.
  7. Enter the password twice.
  8. Select the SMTP server requires an encrypted connection check box, if applicable.
  9. Click Update.
  10. To send a test email, enter the test email address and click Send Test Email.
  • If the outbound email settings are correct, a “Test email message sent successfully” message appears and an email is delivered to the recipient.
  • If the outbound email settings are not configured correctly, you will receive the message “Failure sending mail. Check the mail account settings”.

FileHold 14 Outbound Email Settings

  1. Click Update at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You may need to authorize the FileHold server to send SMTP to the email server by changing SMTP security settings on your email server.

For Office 365 Users

Although FileHold does not formally test on this system, as there are dozens and dozens of solutions for our system with the SMTP standard,  there are some specific things to do based on customer feedback:

  • An active Office 365 account with a subscription.
  • Encryption and authentication enabled.