What are Guest Users and how do I set them up?

Guest accounts (guest alias) are used when multiple people can share the same username and password to log into FileHold to see the same documents in the library. For example, documents such as newsletters, forms, or corporate policies may need to be accessible to all company employees but they do not require a full registered user license and full functionality. Using guest users are a cost effective way for many people to view documents in the repository but with very limited functionality (view only rights).

Guest User Account Functionality

The following are functions/features that are enabled for a guest user account:

  • View the metadata and file properties of a document in the cabinet / folder in which a user can access.
  • View a document's history of changes (edits to metadata and usage of file).
  • Perform searches.
  • “Get a Copy” of a document and download it your local hard drive.
  • Email documents if this option is enabled by administrators.
  • Use the viewer for read-only specific functions in the desktop client if enabled by the administrator.
  • View the properties of the library in read-only mode.
  • View reports if given access by an administrator.

The following functions/features are restricted in a guest user account:

  • Add a document.
  • Check out a document.
  • Edit the metadata of a document.
  • Create links between documents but can view the linked documents made by other users.
  • Create smart folders or saved searches.
  • Move or copy documents to another library location.
  • Delete documents.
  • Add documents to the Document Tray.
  • Create or add a Virtual folder in My FileHold.
  • Use custom views.
  • Access My FileHold and its sub nodes including: My Favorites, Checked Out Documents, Document Alerts, Document Reminders, Recently Accessed and Recently Added.
  • Access to view preferences including My Alert Preferences and My User Preferences.
  • Participate in or observe a Workflow activity.
  • Access My Workflow Tasks and Workflow Status Report.

How do the Guest accounts need to be set up?

For example, you need all employees in the company to be able to access the company policies, HR forms, and general employee information. In this scenario, everyone in the company has access to the same documents in the library.

If you are using a single guest user account, you can set up the Guest Portal to bypass the login screen for the users. You can also customize the Guest Portal header to make it look like your own website.

For example, you need members of the Sales department, Marketing department, and the Managers group to see different documents in the library or require separate audit logging for each user. In this case you would need to create separate guest user accounts, each account to be used by all members of each department.

If you are using multiple guest user accounts, you will have users logging in through the Web Client. There is no need to set up the Guest Portal in this case.

Once you have decided on how many Guest user accounts are needed, you can proceed to creating the guest users.